7 Critical Advantage of Domain Over Sub Domain for Blogging

Domain or Sub domain ? Still wondering what to choose? You are not alone, thousands of bloggers, specially the newcomers have been asking this question for long. This blog will guide with 7 basic but critical differential points with Advantage of Domain Over Sub Domain for Blogging and help you to decide how should you start blogging with domain of without domain.

Before that lets understand where you can start blogging without domain or without investment(Generally with sub domain). There are two popular blogging platform to start with Blogspot and WordPress.Com. Both offer free blogging platform without domain or top level domain that typically looks like:-



In my view which is proven as well, you must start blogging with a domain, use either Blogspot or WordPress, but it is not a good move to start blogging without a domain. Learn how –

7 Critical Advantage of Domain Over Sub Domain for Blogging

Advantage of Domain Over Sub Domain


1. SEO Advantage – All search engine have been preferring a blog or a website hosted on individual domain or top level domain in the search results. Check yourself , write any keyword or key phrase in any of popular search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo the first few pages will mostly contain the sites with individual domain. Read-

2. Branding Advantage :– A website hosted on domain has better recall value. Means a visitor is more likely to remember the website with domain then a website without domain. This means more repeat visitor to your blog website.

3. Increased Traffic Advantage :- As the domain gets older it domain authority increases (In other word, search engines recall those older domain easily), if a blogger with individual domain keeps posting high quality content time to time,  there are full chances to get preferences over new blogs. This results in increased traffic to your blog.Read-

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4. Google AdSense advantage :- Google being the market leader in ad network management company is always a preferred choice for bloggers to earn money online. A blog or website with individual domain is more likely to get easy approval from Google AdSense then a blog without domain.

5. Other Earning opportunities :- Not only Google AdSense but all other short of ad networks and affiliate marketer prefer a website with individual domain. I means every one wants to be associated with a website that has individual domain.

6. 360 marketing Advantage :- When you host a website or blog in individual domain over the time it is more likely that you make email with your own domain (Like contact@yourdomain.com ). Sending email from personalized email from your domain is another advantage if you host your website with individual domain. Having a email with domain name and a website with same domain name is sometime a 360 solution for online brand building .

7. Security Advantage :- When you host a website in Individual Domain, You have better control over the website and blog. Let me explain this with a example, Lets assume that you have blog website in sub domain like yourblogniche.blogspot.com. In any given day blogspot has more ownership then you. It can delete your blog in case of any major complaints against you (Some times due to copyright issue, legal issue it may happen).

So the take way is that,  Invest in good domain to play for along run

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