7 Advantage Of Hosting A Blogspot or WordPress Website in Individual Domain

In my other blog I guided readers on how to host blogger (blogspot) blog (website) in individual domain. Now I am doing to breakdown why you must host your website on blogger or wordpress website in individual domain. The 7 Advantage Of Hosting A Blogspot or WordPress Website in Individual Domain are real and proven over the time, giving benefits to many small & big time blogger. You might not have seen a popular and well ranked website without individual domain for sure.

7 Advantage Of Hosting A Blogspot or WordPress Website in Individual Domain

Individual Domain

1. http://eveisknews.com/welcome-to-amazing-universe-of-eve-online/ Individual domain creates identity – Be fair what you would remember for long iwillteachyoutogetsixabs.blogspot.com or sixabstips.com. Off course, no matter what the website with domain is remembered for long time. A website hosted in individual domain is recognised in global as well as local platforms. For any visitor, It is easy to remember a domain then a sub domain in blogspot or WordPress.com.
2. It prednisone buy from uk completes your blog – A well build website or having excellent well written blogs without individual domain in any platform is like a robust home without wall painting. I mean what’s a fun in not giving your hard work in internet a good finished. A domain competes the blog.

3. modvigil 200 for sale SEO advantage – Enhanced SEO is by far the best advantage of hosting a blogspot or WordPress website in individual domain. A blog or website hosted in individual domain has far better ranking in Google and any other search engines. It is a proven fact that search engines will prefer a blog post with domain then a blog post without domain. (Considering all other SEO factors remains the same). Read- 8 Basic Google Ranking Factors That Will Affect Your Website Ranking in 2017



4. Branding advantage – Which products sells more? A locally made or branded one. I mean if you have to buy a product, would you trust a brand or a product with less known or has no brand. The choice is simple, it is the brand that sells more. A brand is able to reach more customers. Same is the case with website or blog as well. A website with domain creates better trust and brand value increase time to time.

5. Google AdSense advantage :- It would be very easy for you to get Google AdSense approval in case you apply with individual domain. Just make sure that you don’t  apply for google AdSense on the very next day of booking a domain. Google prefers a website with individual domain for its AdSense program but generally not the very new domain. Read The following two blog post to increase your skills and earnings-

6. Affiliate marketing advantage – Making money with affiliate marketing is far better than making money with google AdSense. You can make more money online with affiliate marketing then google adsense.  A lot of companies will only make you affiliate if your website is hosted on individual domain.

7. Long-term return -A blog with a domain is a internet property.  Look it in a long term Perspective. You might want sell your website or want to partner with a global brand. This is where the old domain gives you better return. A domain is a long term investment.
Note:- You can host your website made in blogspot in individual domain for free but WordPress.com would charge you for this.

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