8 Basic Google Ranking Factors That Will Affect Your Website Ranking in 2017

My other blog post on article search engine ranking talked about top 8 on page SEO techniques and SEO Tips and Tricks-How I Got Google First Page Rank. This article is prequel of above two article because in this blog post would give you insights on can i order clomid online Basic Google Ranking Factors related to website, blog post or webpages google takes into consideration while giving them priority in search engine ranking . These factor are part of Google algorithm to determine page ranking and have affected and will affect your modalert uk website ranking in 2017 as well.

Important Note :- This blog will be your guide book on basic Google ranking factors in brief. I mean, in order to improve all these factors you may have to learn & improve each factor separately. I would try to give details on each factor one by one in coming day separately so that to help you get better on all these factors/attribute/Parameters. Be ready to work hard and give time to get best SEO and higher search engine ranking.

Another note or disclaimer :-I have written multiple times that no one can give 100% guarantee that after doing so your website or blog post would definitely get first page ranking in the google search results.

8 Basic Google Ranking Factors That Will Affect Your Website Ranking in 2017

Google Ranking Factors

1. Content of your blog post:– What you write inside your blog post,  page and in website including image and video is content. The factors google would look into your website related to content is – Originality ( no duplicate ), length,  structured writing, right and appropriate use of keywords, nicely placed and optimized image and videos to name few.
Content is the king for SEO and for website ranking, it was an important, most important Google Ranking Factor in past and will be a the most important & critical Signal to google going forward. You should focus on how to write a blog post to impress your readers google will automatically be impressed. Effective content writing  is not a rocket science
Here are few tips to improve SEO factor and page ranking of blog post or page for beginners-
2. Title, Slug, Meta description & Use of Keywords :- A well structured Slug or SEO optimized slug, A well written meta description and use if keyword in title, meta description and slug is inevitable part of SEO. Google likes it very much and it is a very vital SEO factor. I recommend to use Yoast SEO plug in that will guide you to use to Keywords in content, Slug, Meta description, Page title, and Image of the blog to optimise content for google and other search engine.
3. Domain Authority :- Older domain gets vintage advantage ( Older domain would rank higher in search results). But any negative signal or activity done in past(Like google content policy ventilation, use if copied content, domain expiry  Etc) would be penalized by Google and then it would be very hard for you to recover lost authority and rank well. It is hard to create a domain Authority as it takes time and quality work. But once a rapo is build with google with strong domain Authority your website , your post & pages will have greater chances to getting higher search results and would improve website ranking as well.

Tips on choosing a domain – 3 SEO Tips Before Starting New Website or Blog


4. Back links :- How many other quality sites are referring to your domain, webpage or blog post are significant Google Ranking Factors and will dominate website ranking in 2017 as well. Quality referrals from all over the web would give higher search engine ranking at international level searches. More Back links with ip address from a particular geographical area would give higher ranking from the google searches from that particular area.

5. Links to your own site ( User Engagement Factor ) :- It gets slightly less weightage in google search but is good SEO factor. Putting more links of your own website and even external prominent ( and well ranked ) website inside the content would engage the reader. As a result it would increase average time spent per visitor on your website, plug gives you more page views per visitors . Ultimately resulting in low bounce rates. All these are also given preferences by google and all other search engines. Low bounce rate, More page view per user and Better average time spent by visitors are important part of website engagement factor and it would increase your website page rank as well.

6. Website Performance :– This was one of the most critical factor earlier and would remain the major one this year and going forward. Page load time and responsiveness in the devices ( PC, tab, mobile devices ) two dominant parameter of website performance. A lighter website that loads quickly and easily in comparison to competition website would increase website page rank and is one of important & basic Google Ranking Factors.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages :– So far it is not publically declared by Google that it considers Accelerated Mobile Pages are one of Google Ranking Factors and given priority website ranking in search results from mobile devices or not. But most of the big website owners, marketers, blog technicians have already started converting their pages to AMP. Regardless of given preferences AMP compatible page will load quickly in mobile devices and anyway improve performance of your website.

8. Social Signals – What is share of traffic your site from Social media, number of likes, shares etc shows the popularity, seriousness and thus increase Authority. it is one of the factors given preferences by Google .
Hope you liked the article.

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