9 Best Business Blogging Platforms [ Free & Paid ] in 2017

Blogging for your business is the best way to connect with buyers of your product or services. A business owner can choose to create a business blog in existing business website or can choose to create a business blog to market product and services. We will list & review some of best business blogging platforms to help you choose one.

Best Free & Paid Business Blogging Platforms
Most of the following blogging platform are free. Few of these do have premium version of blogging platform. A premium version offers advanced features & benefit and are generally more suitable for business blogging or blogging for business.

9 Best Business Blogging Platforms [ Free & Paid ]


do you need a prescription to buy phenergan 1 WordPress.com

WordPress is beyond any doubt best place to buy nolvadex pct best blogging platform so far for many reasons. It is most widely used platform to create business websites, Hobby blogs, Business blogs, portfolio management, Online stores ( Ecommerce website) etc.

WordPress has two different platform itself, We would review one by one to decide which one is best business blogging platform.

WordPress.com is free content management open source.  Hard to understand? It happened with me as well at my initial stage of blogging.

In easier words, american free dating sites free online The main advantage of wordpress.com is, You can create look at this site free blogs with wordpress.com in any topic. Hundreds of SEO friendly pages and blog post can be made with wordpress.com.

Then what is the main disadvantage of wordpress.com? The free blogs created with wordpress.com has subdomain. You blog address would be like yourblogtitle.wordpress.com.

In Order to host this blog in your own domain you will have to pay around $12 a year.

2. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is technically similar to wordpress.com. The look and feel is almost the same. The difference is WordPress.com is not free. In order to create a blog with WordPress.org you have to buy a wordpress hosting plan from a website hosting provider.

The advantage is that it is, wordpress.org is not costly. A good wordpress hosting comes at 3 to 7$ a month billed annually.

There are lot of hosting offers that provide free domain, few days trial and money back guarantee as well.  Wordpress.org offers lots of free and paid website theme. With the help of easy available free plug ins, you can build almost any functionality in your business blog.

What is best business blogging platform WordPress.com or WordPress.org– The main purpose of making a business blogs to reach as many as customers possible. Business blogging is a long term content marketing strategy that gives better ROI than any other  marketing activity.

Don’t go cheap, Start business blogging with wordpress.org.

3. Tumblr

Tumbler is also one of the new & free blogging platform. The main feature of the bumbler is that it has some of the best and beautiful design for you.  Those blogging templates could be customised as well. Creating a blog post in tumblr is very easy and sharing is even simpler.

The main advantage of tumblr is that it has around 328 million users ( As per Aug 17 date www.statista.com ). Tumblr is a community in itself. You can generate followers and they can follow you as well.

You can develop a community of admirers & customers using tumblr as a business blogging platform. The other advantage is that link of your product pages or your own website can also be shared from business blogs created in tumblr.

One of the main disadvantage of tumblr as business blogs is that you can not host tumblr blog in a top level domain.

4. Blogger.com – 

Blogger.com in probably the oldest and fist free blogging platform. Even today, many of the most successful blogs are made in blogger.com.

Till 2006 -2008 it was indeed the only option for free blogging of any kind.

Then the uprising of WordPress and other platform slowly took the lead. In today’s atmosphere blogger has almost lost its ground. However every learner or beginner must experiment with it as it is totally free and most user friendly blogging platform.

The best part is that you can make your own business blogs in minutes & even host the blog in your own domain for free.
Blogger offers limited number of free website themes those could be customised upto an extent as well.  Blogger is best for basic blogging.

The major disadvantage of Blogger is that modification and building advance functionalities is limitted.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is more of a Website building platform and less of business blogging platform for following reason.

First, Even the basic membership is paid unlike all above blogging platform. This basic membership allows only 20 to 25 pages not more than that.

A Small business owner with limited number of product portfolio can try Squarespace. It works best for business like law, consultancy, Advisory etc.

6. Wix

The best part of Wix is easy drag & drop page builder. It is easy to set up and in minutes you can host a world class website for your business.

Again, like squarespace, It has limited number is pages with its paid plans.

Wix does offers free website building service with limited features. The main disadvantage of Wix as a business website building tools is that it shows its own ads in free platform.

7. Joomla

Joomla is the best alternative to WordPress for any business website building or business blogging tool. Joomla also have lots of free themes & third party applications to build a world class website.

Joomla is also open to all platform.

Reason for Joomla being less popular is that WordPress had first mover advantage. So number of wordpress platform users are more than Joomla. Hence WordPress find larger community to help you in any issue.

Otherwise Joomla is very powerful business blog building platform with lots of flexibility.

8. Weebly

Weebly is slowly becoming popular as a blogging platform since it is very easy to use, Easy to develop pages and customization is seamless.

It will also offers drag & drop short of page builder smart product showcase features etc.

Weebly do have free as well as paid version of the services. Even the free version offers almost every feature of a premium version. The main difference is that the free version would carry Weebly brand & ads where even it wants in your business website.

9.  Medium-

Medium is also a perfect platform for beginners. It is one of the best alternatives to wordpress and blogger as business blogging platforms.

There are lots of auto assistance provided while creating content for business blogs.  Like it would advice you that how much time a reader may take to ready your blog post that you are writing. how can the size of the images be more optimized for SEO etc.

You would lots of blogging tips while making your business blog in Medium. Once you have spent enough time and want to grow more then further you can buy the premium membership.

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