Best and Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Mind it or not most of a larger population want quick and easy money and if possible as quicker as possible.There are many smart people in the world who have made and making money online with comparatively less efforts. I am going to share some real business case with all of you along with the analysis so that you can learn Best and Easiest Way To Make Money Online.

There are many many ways to earn money online. Thousands of books & blogs have been written in this topic to help the reader like you. Those all blogs and books just , sometime have missed to catch one important aspect of making money online and that important point is to be opportunist and to be smart online. I am no where saying that those are not good or incomplete, how can I? Thousands are reader get inspired with those lovely motivational, informative blogs. What I truly believe that internet, this online universe has ample of space for smart and  opportunist people as well and this blog will teach you to be smart & opportunist to make money online with easiest manner.

And in my view opportunist blogging is one of very smart ways of making online money and often is very quick.

You might be thinking –

On come one not again! No more that blog thing

See again.. Yet another blog promoter in the name of earning online etc

Hey hold on, Yes I am taking about blogging . There is no doubt but this time it is not about writing 100 pages of blog, SEO technique   bla bla bla. It is all about getting quick traffic with making a simple website with some smart research based tips and trick from normal day to day life.

You don’t know after reading this you may be thinking of you next car from the money made by these tips . I am that sure because there are many business cases. There are many websites/blog website that have been made smartly with little expertise, with little investment , with little efforts or one time effort and getting huge online traffic . No surprise, they should be earning well.

Lets learn how to make a blog website that generates more traffic with little efforts and less investment so that you can earn quick money.

It is my personal opinion that blogging is a job for passionate people and should be started with a long run perspective but there is nothing wrong in making quick money.

There was a website who got more then 6L visitors within first two months.

1. Make a dedicated site for a trendy topic or upcoming trendy topicLook around the world every now and then. There is something happening for which the people are crazy about. They want to know, talk , search and own it. For all those think they come to internet. Be smart and find a opportunity to make a dedicated blog that is in trend or is likely to be in trend. The topic may be related to anything it may be related to a mobile app which is highly popular.It may be related to a place about which you know very well and other would be willing to find in internet. It may be related to upcoming phones or camera etc. It may be related to upcoming popular TV series.

Search on internet and there would be many many option some example are-

Upcoming cars
Big boss
Star wars movies
Christmas gift

Valentine gift etc

I will share one example of that Smart and opportunist blogger that created one such website that got 6L visitors in few months with not big investment, My early estimates suggest that he would be earning at least 1500 $ a month. Follow the blog  for details and to learn what he might have done and others are doing.

2. Select the topic according to your own ability and interest :- Choose a topic that excites you. A topic about which you can talk for hours. Choose a topic in which you are comfortable with. You don’t need to be expert on this. I have seen a fitness blog by a person who was overweight . He has been struggling while life to get fit . Not so successful in that but he gathered some good experience , he leaned the technique and now he can write a lot about it.

3. Choose the domain smartly :– I am assuming that this kind of blog may not necessarily build a brand as these will be made majorly to attract good traffic with the aim to earn from Google AdSense and other advertisement programs That mostly rely on CPC or CPM model. Hence the domain selection is the most important and most critically thing for you. If you miss this or make a minor error you are gone . Small mistakes can make big difference. Smart move will bring visitors .
So what to do , how to find best domain. In this contest take help from Google keyword planner .First with the help of keyword planner choose 2 to 3 good keyword that are more searched and have less competition. Make a long domain name after combining those 2 to 3 keywords.And then search in domain registrar to find a good combination.
Lets have a look at the search results on keyword Upcoming Smartphones in  Google Keyword Planner
Easiest Way To Make Money Online
So the above results shows that Upcoming smart phones have have up to 100K searches. That meas if someone was successful in making a blog website in domain  and can follow basics SEO techniques, He has very good chances of getting heavy traffic.
This was just a example. There may be any topic. Leave it to you to decide and search other topics. Lets see what should be next step for you after choosing a topic. Important read-

How To Choose A Domain Name “8 Critical Q&A”

4. Once the domain is decided then host the website in any of the blogging platform. I always prefer WordPress over others As it always give me a lot of advantage & tools to build a website.

This one website is a good example of a smart and opportunist blogging . He launched this website when big boss 10 was about to be started in India. We all know that big boss is a highly popular reality show worldwide and people are passionate about knowing what is happening in the house every day. This opportunist choose the perfect domain ( Ever targeted India with .in domain extension. I must say – A very smart move ). Then he has been just updating what is going on the show episode by episode . He has dome some hard work in finding some initial details about the contestants that might have been one time job.

Now according to the website the above side has 525,400 visitors over past 30 days from writing this blog.
Make money online
This is one of the good traffic I must say. Many expert bloggers fails to get that much of traffic even after posting hundreds of blog post. I do not claim that his is the highest earning website and do not claim that this is a quality website. I must also say that entertainment related sites have comparatively less CPC and CPM rates . Even some blog with very limited visitors earn much more then this blog.
The point is Some easy smart and opportunist work online can give you easy income online.
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