5 Ultimate SEO Optimized WordPress Theme for B2B Website Design

Designing a website aiming to target a corporate customer required altogether a different level of understanding. Because as a businessman you would be trying yo get traffic from targeted business communities. Plus Showcasing industrial product in highly competitive market require time and investment. In order to solve those problem & Keeping all those critical aspect of business & industrial requirement I have chose 5 best SEO optimized WordPress theme for B2B website. This may help a supplier to –

To generate leads to increase sales

To Return on investment :- as the themes are competitively priced.
To automate digital marketing with social media integration
To manage content in optimized way to showcase the best of industrial products and services
To target mobile users as all of them are Mobile responsive

5 ultimate SEO optimized WordPress theme for B2B website design

1.Marble is a ultimate theme for B2B website making. What makes is special is its classic design perfectly suited to target industrial customer. The best highlight are-

Flat and responsive layout, Amazing revolution slider, 6 homepage layouts, Drag and drop page builder, One page unique portfolio

SEO optimized WordPress theme for B2B website

Rating:- 4 and half Star (4.62 average based on 138 ratings)

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2. Logistic :– WordPress Theme For Transportation Business – Though it is best for logistic business , It can also be customized for all other business segments barbecue-Logistic: has 10 Modern/Corporate/Elegant pages, It is easy to use Drag and drop page builder, You can add columns, rows and choose from 40+ predefined elements divided in logic group with single click, by using intuitive and handily forms.

SEO optimized WordPress theme for B2B website

Rating:- 5 Star (4.79 average based on 187 ratings)

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3. JupiterThe creator of this theme claim it to be world’s fastest  yet most customization theme ever.Create websites you can only dream of. This B2B WordPress them has all drag and drop with the world’s fastest and lightest WP theme ever.Unparalleled performance with the modular architecture and advanced memory management makes Jupiter,  incredibly fast and powerful.

What more from Jupiter-

100+ templates to start with do not have time to start from scratch? Install a template in just a minute and start customizing it. Innovative and powerful admin panel, Innovative header style customizer, State of the art background, 100+ elements, 230+ design, millions of combinations.

Edge slideshow:- its simply amazing, multiple navigation and pagination styles.

SEO optimised WordPress theme for B2B website

Rating:- 4 and half Star (4.73 average based on 3354 ratings)

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4. Awada : Responsive Multi-Purpose B2B WordPress Theme

Avada is one of our best choice in SEO optimized WordPress theme for B2B website list because it  includes a all new fusion builder. Rebuild from the ground up to be significantly improved in every way. Other attractive features are-

Fusion builder:- visually drag and drop content to create beautiful pages.

Amazing new user interface that speeds up your workflow in several ways, Completely rebuilt from ground up

Avada 5.0 is not only  about fusion builder, in total it includes over 80 new features to make building professional websites much easier.

Avada 5.0 is free to customers who have already purchase a licences. Don’t  wait, purchase the #1 selling them today!

The #1 selling theme of all time has reached 280,000 sales in 2016

Avada’s option system allows you to create virtually and design style without touching a single line of code.

Avada’s advanced network of options give you power and flexibility when creating your site without having to modify code. Fusion theme option, fusion page option and fusion builder work together to make your life easier

Rating:- 5 Star (4.77 average based on 17223 ratings)

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5. ELOGIX – Responsive Business WordPress Theme for B2B website

What makes Elogix a ultimate choice for industrial customer is, it has a classic & fully responsive, easily customizable theme with custom backgrounds. Looks perfect with mobile , tab and PC, Giving a premium look and unmatched impression.

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