Best Way To Get Rid Of Toxic & Bad Backlinks At One Go

Every website owner’s dream is to get healthy, juicy, nutritious links. They work very hard & invest precious time to get high DA backlinks to website. During this process, knowingly and unknowingly lot of unwanted links are auto generated. Some of these are spammy links and some are deleberated. A smart content marketer should find Ways To get rid of toxic & bad backlinks as quickly as possible.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Toxic & Bad Backlinks At One Go

The traditional & tried and tested method to where can i purchase topamax remove bad backlinks from website is-

  1. First to download all links from  Google Webmaster.
  2. Then categorize each and every domain as good & bad. ( By checking DA of each and every domain one by one)
  3. Then sending mail to owners of bad websites one by one ( Please do calculate the time taken to find the email IDs of these website.
  4. Then at least sending a request mail to Google to disavow these toxic backlinks.

The above process takes time, a lot of time. The bigger is the list of bad backlinks, more time it takes to get rid of them.

Thanks to SEMRUSH for introducing one of the best tool to get rid of toxic & bad links at one go.  SEMrush as widely considered to be best competitor’s keyword analysis tool is also a “Bad backlinks checker tool”.

SEMrush performs in-depth link analysis with semrush’s data bank.  With the help of its tools you can remove all bad links of your website in almost one click.

How SEMrush helps you to get Get Rid Of Toxic & Bad Backlinks At One Go

Semrush actually saves a lot of time by automating the traditional method of removing bad backlinks. Here is how-

Step 1- Semrush discovers toxic & bad backlinks – In one click the SEMrush will get a list of potential dangerous links to your website. You will find out the toxic score for reach backlinks based in 45 toxic markers.
Best Way To Get Rid Of Toxic & Bad Backlinks At One Go

Step 2- Semrush would ask to remove bad links in one click – It’s tool would send out automatic request to the owners of untrustworthy website asking to remove the link to your domain . Semrush will provide you with their email address and pre-made  letter. You just need to hit send button.

Step 3- Semrush further help you to disavow remaining dangerous links – The google disavow tool is ultimate solution for links you can not remove by contacting website owner’s. Semrush will generate a ready-to-send file containing all the backlinks you want to get rid off.

Step 4– At last you can explore and upload it to reach console to make your backlinks profile even cleaner.

Conclusion- In a nutshell SEMrush is a best backlinks monitor tool. It is also a perfect Back links cleanup tool for large websites. For the website with large backlinks SEMrush is a best place to get rid of toxic & bad backlinks at one click.


What else you can do with SEMrush– The following 19 other but prominent features of SEMrush will make your website ready to be at the top
  1. Keyword research
  2. Competitor keyword analysis
  3. Position tracking
  4. Referring domain’s
  5. Advertising researching
  6. Video advertising research
  7. Social media Analysis -Most effective Social media strategy review, Know social audience and engagement change over the time
  8. Discover best performing post
  9. Ads copies and Ads history
  10. Display advertising
  11. Keyword Difficulty
  12. PLA research
  13. Charts
  14. Organic Search
  15. Domain vs domain positioning
  16. Site Audit
  17. Seo ideas
  18. My report
  19. Traffic analysis


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