5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes of Famous & Successful Bloggers

Who doesn’t make mistakes. Mistakes are common in blogging as well. This blog will share the biggest blogging mistakes by may of the most successful and famous bloggers.

Legendary Thinker, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, biggest innovator in recent time Elon Musk has said that even he and his company made mistakes in past. One of his famous quote is –

“If the things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”
There are many famous and successful bloggers who have done mistakes in past. The best part is they have been kind enough to share some of their biggest blogging mistakes they made in their lifetime.

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Why should you read it-  There is a simple process in learning – Try > You may make mistakes > Realize it > Learn to rectify > Try again > There is greater chance of success.

Once you succeed, you gain. Your learning from mistakes becomes “Experience”.All these experienced bloggers have tried to share their experience for free. It is a open treasure for many, who can apply those learnings in blogging.

Biggest Blogging Mistakes of Famous & Successful Bloggers

http://curtinteamcares.org/events/ 1. Brian Clark of copyblogger.com in an interview to website toprankblog.com had said that the biggest blogging mistake a blogger makes is to be obsessed with keywords. He also indicated that focussing too much on SEO and not focusing on creating a brand is one of the mistakes to avoid.

Learn More 2. cytotec precio santa marta Neil Patel, one of the most successful blogger and entrepreneur ( The person behind NeilPatel.com, Quicksprout.com & kissmetrics.com  has said (In an interview) that providing nothing for free was his biggest mistake. He stressed that you have to provide something for free to the users to attract them. Then Probably the sales starts.

3. Syed Balkhi famous for pioneer WordPress freemium blog Wpbeginner.com  has said that building an email subscriber list is highly critical. In his interview with Pagely he said that beginners make biggest blogging mistakes by not focusing on building relationship with the readers right from the starting.

Syed Balkhi ( Wpbeginner.com) on mistakes bloggers make


4. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of makingsenseofcents.com advice is very straight. Try affiliate marketing as soon as possible and switched to wordpress instead of blogpspot.com. She said to Eva of happybloggingmom.com, while an interaction that switching to wordpress was the best decision she had made made.
Biggest Blogging Mistakes
5. Darren Rowse who made popular self help website problogger.com  said in a interview to Retireat21.com
That not focussing on niche from the start was his one of the mistakes. He has advised that one blogger should focus on niche from the start. A blogger should not be generalistic.
Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Summary- What we learned from masters (The biggest blogging mistakes)

  1. Focus on content development more rather then SEO. Adapt 80:20 approach. 80 % of your time should be given to content writing & rest of the time should be given to SEO and other stuff.
  2. Building E mail list right from the first day of blogging is critically. Remember, A organic visitor is for every one. But a email subscriber would only be yours.
  3.  Offer something for free.
  4. Shift to wordpress immediately- Read “Best WordPress Hosting Plan for Beginners
  5. Affiliate marketing would give you more money. Try is as a main source of income.
  6. Focus on creating a niche in blogging
  Keep looking for the space, more to come..

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