Why My Blog Post Is Not Showing in Google Search Results

Assuming that you have published a blog post on a WordPress site or any other platform there might be following reason http://mobi-inspector.com/adminer-4.3.1.php why your blog post is not showing in google search results.

There are full chances that your blog post or http://resomla.ca/DdpPHM?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments page is not indexed by google. That means still google or other search engines are unaware about your new blog post or your new page. In other words calcium carbonate food grade price google crawler has not visited your new blog post or new page.

You need to understand that google and other search engine visits sites on internet in some interval and if they find a new page or blog post then they index that page. This process is called crawling. The google program that perform crawling is commonly called as google crawler.

 When does google crawler visit your website to index 

Well, actually google doesn’t tell When does it crawler visit your website to index. But according to the authority of a website, the frequency of crawling is decided. For example :- The news websites may be crawled almost every second or every 10 second because news website’s update the content very frequently.The e commerce Website (the more popular one) will be indexed quickly because in past they have updated content very frequently . But in general blog website the contents are updated once a week ( very rarely on daily basis). In some cases once in a month. That does not impress google very much and hence the crawling is done on some interval (in a week’s time or once in a fortnight).

So if you have just posted a blog post or made a new page it will not be crawled immediately or in other words it will not be indexed right away. This is the single most important factor why your blog post is not showing in google search result.


How can you check whether your blog post or page is index or not ? Check with following command in google search –

site:url of your blog post / url of new page, Refer the below image. In case it is not indexed then result will be like the below screenshot.

blog post is not showing in google

SEMrushIf the page is indexed then it will be visible like below screenshot –

blog post is not showing in google

Now that you are sure that new post is not indexed it is still possible to get your blog post indexed immediately.  You have to submit the url (The new blog post or new page) to google to index it. You can make request to crawl desired new page to google by many ways.The below article will guide you to get a blog post or page indexed by google immediately after posting.

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  1. Getting your blog posts indexed with Google could be a mysterious thing and you would never know what you did exactly finally landed your page on Google. Yes I agree, we just have to focus on quality contents and consistent works…

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