Blogging Future – What Is The Life Cycles Of A Successful Blog Writer ( Blogger )

This questions have been asked by many and the answer differs one expert to other. The technology driven internet industry constantly observes ups and down due to change in technology itself. One has to surely know “Does blogging has a future?” The answer may be yes and may be no. A small study on “Blogging Future – The Life Cycles Of A Successful Blog Writer” would put some light on this grey area.

But before that I would like to share one fact-

Who does not know legendary investor tinidazole over the counter Warren Buffett. He has been avoiding technology based stock for long  He never invested in Google and facebook like companies) but in recent annual address to shareholders he himself admitted that it was a missed opportunity not realising the potential of these companies who are in user driven content publishing industry.
Blogging Future

In the same manner not realising blogging future is a mistake. There are many many successful blogger who have made it and created a future that they might not have seen. You yourself can build a successful future in blogging.
This blog will help you understand-
  • How the successful bloggers have evolved around the time and have become big & rich.
  • What are the various stages in blogging life cycle and how should you be ready for this.
  • This blog will also help  you to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges in blogging  so that you can prepare in advance and become successful and predict blogging future for yourself.

    Blogging Future – What Is The Life Cycles Of A Successful Blog Writer ( Blogger ) 1. Being a Sprout – Just a starting, introducing yourself to the word of blogging. Your start may be due to accident or incident. May be out of curiosity you tried to test blogging, You just wanted to do it. Your state of mind is like  “let me do it”, “I want to document it”, “can I make a webpage”,” can I make something that can be shared with every one”.  “Can I make like a webpage like that”. You may start with a goal or without a goal (making money online, fun, creating anything unique etc.). In this stage a blogger like you,  try blogging with basic blog building platform like or You do not invest in hosting and domain. The missed bus (What you loose in this stage of blogging)- Actually nothing, It is basic learning stage, what ever you do is learning. Tips to get better in this stage of blogging– Read older blogs of successful blogger and learn more, you may save lot of time by learning blogging quickly.

2. Growing up( getting first leaf) – Now you want to do it in much better manner. You want to make it special. You want to reach to first few set of customers. You set up first basic target like having a set or regular visitors.  Money making may not be priority but building something useful is preferred. You take a step ahead, invest a little, book a domain and take a step ahead to make a whole website by buying a hosting plan. You experience first traffic and get understanding of some basic traffic metrics.

The missed bus – In order to grow some of us compromise on quality, some would take shortcuts, some would try to find ways that involve less writing and easy content generation, not realising that it is a killer like poison. You may end with getting low rank and struggle a lot.

Tips– Focus on quality and originally of content in blogging in this stage. Quantity is important but should be secondary.

3. Revolutionised Self ( Getting muscles) – Now there is some good amount of visitors coming to your blog. You are thinking of money and you are right as well. You set some smart target related to money making try to showcase other’s products. You try to make some side income or passive income. Google  Adsense become your main stream of revenue. Some of us move ahead and get affiliation of third party products and services to earn more commission. Affiliate marketing works and helps you to make more money in blogging. You experiment to make your blog a word class website, You try to reach to a greater audience and get expertise in social marketing, onpage and offpage SEO. You use many tools to organise yourself and make more money.

The missed bus– Not focusing on building email subscribers is one of the biggest mistake you do in this stage of blogging. Remember organic traffic is not yours but email subscribers are always yours.

Tips– Focus more on affiliate marketing then Google Adsense to make more money per visitors.

4. Mastering the art  – Now there is good amount of money flowing & You are thinking to replace your income from job with this income or may be you have already done that. It is time to excel and explore more. You try to build your own courses and sell it at your own platform to make more money. You take webinar and sell more podcast & training material. You have become expert now and may be earning more with consulting & guest speaking.

5. Beyond blogging– The world has limitless opportunity, you have money and money can make more money, wiser one would save and invest. Some of you would become entrepreneur. Some of you would create more assets ( Physical assets like real estate and paper assets like stocks and bonds). Some even make more virtual assets like e books, online channels and tutorial. There is no limit in online money making once you excel in the art.
The conclusion – As far as you are able to add value in your reader’s life they would be keep looking for you and your work. Don’t be afraid if you are doing so. You can also become true expert in blogging and make good amount of money provided you are doing the basics rightly and constantly.

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