Is Buffer The Best Social Media Management Tool For Business

Past few years we have seen a lot of competition in buy neurontin uk social media management tool side. Many Small and medium tech companie have come up with different social sharing  & scheduling tools to help business, agencies and bloggers. Buffer is one such popular social media tool.

We would review Buffer Social Media App keeping specific requirement of businesses & bloggers.

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Bloggers and Small business has one one thing in common. Both of them have time crunch. This is why, social media sharing tools are one of the must have tools for them. We will evaluate how buffer works best when it comes to sharing and scheduling post at social media.

Is Buffer The best best social media management tool for Business & Bloggers ?

Let’s evaluate with different aspects.

1. Social Media Integration –

Buffer integrates all popular social media platform at one app. The following social media platform contribute to almost 80% of all social media traffic-

Using Buffer App, A blogger or a small business can directly expose content to reach to those 80% of population at one click. It is the main advantage of the Buffer that it integrates most popular social media platforms.

On the flip side, Few other networks  are slowly gaining momentum such as Reddit & Tumblr.  We wish, Buffer could have integrated them as well.

2. Buffer Social Sharing tool saves time, a lot of time
Buffer lets you do more with less effort. The useful source main feature of Buffer is to let you share your post in most popular social media platform at one go. That means, after using buffer you don’t have to post separately on these social media platform.

On an average, It take around 10 to 15 seconds to share one post or link to facebook Including some text modification and keyword stuffing. The similar time is taken to post in all other social platforms.

If you are using Buffer, you are sharing the content in all other media at one click. That means you have to prepare only one social media post in Buffer.  That means you save 80% of your social media sharing time using Buffer app.

3. Buffer Social Post Scheduler helps is organising the postings.
For me this is the christian couples books for dating best feature of Buffer. Studies has shown that the best time to post a link in social media is morning 9 am to 11 am.  Most of the bloggers works overnight. As a small business owner, it is hard to manage any transactional work with that much tight schedule.

Buffers Social Media sharing scheduler help you plan posting in advance. A busy person can make best use of Buffer schedule feature to post your content in social media at the date and time you wish to publish.

 4. Buffer also shows social media analytics
This is another time saving feature of Buffer App. Buffet app is capable of capturing performance of your social media activities.  Buffet shown you how many likes , share and reach a post have received over the period of time. It put together stats from all social media postings. Hence at one buffer analytics dashboard, you can see social stats.

5.  Buffer will help you to increase social media traffic
This is how- Just go to Buffer analytics page and see which post have more number of likes and share.
It is a indicator that this social media post was well received by audience. Well here is a trick. Repost the popular social media post with different text or description after one or two days.

You know very well that a popular post are given preferences on inside search results by facebook, twitter and any other platform. If you repost a popular post in social media then it would be preferred in search results. Since it would be preferred it would reach more social media audience and get more likes and click.

Is it not so easy to use buffer to increase social media traffic ?

6. Buffer has excellent mobile app
The another advantage of Buffer for social media management tool is Buffer mobile app .The buffer maile app has all the feature of buffer website interface. It is very light and easy to use. I am sure Buffer mobile app is the best mobile app for social media sharing.

The bloggers and Small business owners are always on the move. They can share post in social media as and when you want using Buffer. ( One of my favorite time pass ).  Buffer mobile app can utilised the time wasted in waiting and travelling as you can monitor all you social media activities and market more on social media.

7. Buffer Pricing
The basic version is free for all with limited functionality. It has limitations on number of post as well. There is a upgraded version for as well for businesses who want to post many social media posting in a day.
The basic version does not let us share posts on pinterest ( A major drawback ).

buffer App social media management tool price for business
8. Buffer Chrome Extension-

Buffer also allows you to schedule Tweets and retweets right from with the Chrome extension. Facebook Posting to Facebook consistently is hard.

The conclusion-

For the bloggers, buffer free option is best as it fulfills almost basic social media management need for  a blogger. Having said that, If you are having huge social media traffic and earn very well then you may wanna try “Small to Medium plan”.

Buffer’s Team & Agencies plans works well with any kind of business.  Avoiding this kind of handy tools would be kind of online marketing mistake.

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