How to Build Strong Brand Of A Website & Improve Domain Authority [DA]

Branding of website has been recent buzz in online marketing word. Reason was simple, Search engine giant Google has been shifting search preferences slightly pages with strong brand of website.  Everyone wants to improve Domain Authority  but fever focus on building a brand of a website.

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do you need a prescription to buy viagra The relation between a brand of website and domain authority-

A Branded website is something that is trusted. A website that has its own identity. Brand equity of your website increase when every time a visitor browse through your pages he finds the same level of freshness, quality, richness in your blog. This improves trust level of your website, and creates a identity of your website as well.Similarly a website’s domain authority increases when every time a search bot of search engine crawls to your website and finds same or improved level of originality in content, well structured and linked pages etc.

shelf life of neurontin What brand of your website is for visitors, domain authority is for search engines.


When you create or I would rather say build brand of your website in the right way, you automatically improve Domain Authority.

When a Domain authority of website increase, The search engine ranking also improves drastically. most of the top 10 results in Google first page have websites with DA above 70 on competitive keywords.

How to improve domain authority with search engines –

Real original quality content – Thousand time it bas been written and this one deserves one more. Original & unique content are best way to impress Search engines.  Specially, Google loves originality and give your domain more score every time you post fresh and unique content.

 Originality of content has no alternatives. Keep doing it.

Variety in content – You love a shopping site or store that has lots of variety. Similarly search engines like all type of contents. Adding images, videos, PPTs & Slides increases the richness of content.
It has a greater impact on visitors. They get better experience of your website as well. It is like a mouth watering spice for food.

Readability – Over stuffing of material in content makes life of a reader harder. You don’t want to be a messed up room to live. right?

Readability is nothing but what looked nice to eyes & is easy for mind to read.


A neat arrangement of paragraphs, gentle use of images and accessible used of videos makes a blog readable.

Get more good links
– Backlinks from high DA websites to your blog niche gives a strong positive signal to search engine. It increases the trust factor of your domain.

You can get the backlinks from quality DA domains in your website by following some steps –

  • Search google with “blogs in your niche”. You niche means actual words like “Fitness, Personal finance, Car care etc”.
  • Make List of some website with high DA, You can use SEMrush to find DA of any domain and even you can find relevant website DA as well.
  • Target these websites to get a back links by guest blogging, comments etc.
Remove bad links – As your website gets order it would automatically invite bad backlinks. In some time, these bad back links become toxic links to your domain. It would drag down rankings. Removing these toxic backlinks would increase domain authority.
The toxic backlinks could be removed by two way-
1. Manually- By Writing to owners of these domains one by one.

2. It could be done with the help of tools like SEMrush.

Frequency in content update – In order to impress search engines it is equally important to publish post on regular intervals. 4 to 5 blog post a week is a good number.

Frequency of content upload sends positive signal to search engines. Your website would be branded as ‘active’.

Relevancy of blog post – The topics of every blog must be relevant to your blog niche. It creates an identity. Search engines brands each domains according the keywords used in each and every post. More and more related blog post and pages create a strong brand of your domain.

Social sharing stats – This is something becoming very dominant factor time to time. There are two social media stats that matters
  1. Number of likes
  2. Number of times the blog post is shared it other users.

The above both send popularity signal to search engine. Though it is more related to a particular blog post.

There are many other minor factor that also increases brand equity of your website like
  • Onpage SEO– Keyword placement and structuring of content still plays a vital part.
  • Improvement in Direct visitors– Generated from emailer and other direct marketing methods
  • Improvement  in Referral traffic – Typically generated from forum commenting etc.
Having explained domain brand building for search engine,  It’s time to know how to win trust of visitors.

How to build brand of a Website

These simple techniques create a strong brand of your website or blog with readers –

Create identity of Website – For what do you like to remembered? To be very straight, it is the blog niche. On very first visit, It should be very clear to a visitor that on what field you write about.

Your every blog post, logo, tagline, text image, keywords, categories, tags  should be related to words relevant to your blog niche.

Focus on Richness of blog post – Think, think & think What makes a blog post Interesting & useful?
  1. Related and unknown facts ( Proven by authenticated sources)
  2. Hidden and less used tips & Tricks that you shared in you blog post
  3. Less adapted but useful methods ( How to) not easy to find elsewhere
  4. Relevant quotes from well known thinker  to increase the effectiveness and recall value of your website
  5. Image, info graphics depicting the right messages that attracts more readers.
  6. Videos, slides etc. to serve almost every type of customers.

Write Full length blog – A full length blog post having 2000 words. That covers every aspect of the blog post from a learner’s point of view. It is an ideal blog post length for SEO as well. It also help to improve domain authority.

Uniqueness of website is equally important – uniqueness is a kind of differential identity. There cannot be a niche with no similar blogs fighting to reach same visitors. Still there is an opportunity to make a different blog post.

You can make your website unique by-
  •  Writing differently
  • Adapting unique and fresh blog outlook.
  • Using unique way of posting your blog in social media.

Create a strong visual brand (Make Use of logo) – Logo is visual brand of your website.A distinctive logo with a tag line says million words in less space. Get a professional logo with a simple tagline. A reader should be able to understand what you talk inside your blog.

Social marketing strategy – Unique way of communicating and styling is more important for visibility.  A Good blog post gets more referral. More number of shares in social media platforms are direct indication of popularity. It also says that your blog post is liked by many visitors.

Customised Email campaign – Branding does not happened inside website only. The way you interact with the profile of your email subscriber also build a strong brand of your blog.

Some Simple example of customised emailers-
-A new comer in your niche should get basic tutorial type blogs.

-An old user must get advance articles.

The Conclusion-

If you want to please google, please visitors.

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