Best Business Blog Examples, A Must Read For Every Small Business

The Business blog examples in this blog is the list of such kind of corporate blog sites that create blog for business requirement such as marketing, customer service and customer education.

Few individuals create a blog website to make money. Those are personal blogs for business.
Best Business Blog Examples corporate blog sample
Many corporate houses, business owners, small companies add a blog section in the website to start business blogging. They have understood the criticality of business blogging and have done it in the best way.

The list of business blog examples can also be referred as a list of corporate blog examples, because these list of business blogs have been created basis there ability to cater to specific business needs. These business blogs are helping companies by

– Attracting visitors or bringing more traffic to website
Generating business leads for more sales  ( business promotion)
– Educating customer about the products and services. Thus reducing cost of service.
Building a better brand of website & company by winning trust of the reader

– Working a perfect platform for customer engagement

That is why every business owner, Small or big must go through with the list to understand how a successful business blog writing can actually be beneficial to business. It could work as a provigil cost  business blog samples before creating your own business blog.

One more important point to share before we go ahead.

These companies or businesses have adapted content marketing as a big part of online marketing strategy. Business blogging is nothing but a form of content marketing.

Business blog Example 1

Godaddy is not just an example of business blogging,  For me it is one the  best company blogs in recent times. Godaddy business blog does not necessarily increase huge sales but it works as a full support channel for a customer.

Godaddy daddy had created highly useful and related blog articles that helps a user to learn and do almost everything. A general reader really don’t need to call godaddy for general help. Thus this business blogs reduces the cost of servicing customers.

We all know how much it cost to run & maintain a call center.

Have a look of the blog section “Help”

Best Business Blog Examples, Small Business blog samples, corporate business blog sample
No doubt, a new user would not mind buying a product if so much of information is readily available.

Example 2 is a actually an insurance web aggregator. It started as a very small business to sell insurance in india but soon got funding from lot of well known fund houses. As of now it is no more a small company.

This website is mentioned in the list because it is one of the very aggressive content marketer in its segment. They had taken business blogging very seriously and thus they are able to generar heart traffic for people looking buy and know about insurance product.

We all know how hard it is to sell an insurance product. In order to sell more you need more leads. The success is a direct function of more qualified leads in most of the sales driven companies.

Policybazaar has created easy to rank business blog post that attracts heavy traffic. Don’t believe it, then try any keyword related to insurance that a customer might use. Such as “Buy health insurance”, “Car insurance quotes”, “Best insurance companies in India”. blog pages would be in the first 5 organic search results.

Reason is simple to understand. They were one of the first corporate bloggers in the industry. Most insurance companies have not even thought about it. It is called “First mover advantage”.

They were able to create unique content around the most search keywords by customers. This also helped them to build a strong domain authority & brand. This has helped it to rank well.

Example 3 is a real estate buy rent website. Its business blogs writes about the property market, consumer choices & legality involved with property transaction. It is a perfect corporate blog example because it not only talks about what it has to offer, It also talks about the industry.

Housing business has provided very interesting facts on properties and related matters in india. The blogs written around every aspect of industry like regulation, legality and location very engaging.

It developed a good relation with readers and had positioned itself as an expert in the field. It sends new articles to subscribers and is hard to neglect.  Housing blogs are highly engaging and rich in contents.

A perfect business blog sample for any business owner.

Example 4

This website is a collaborative initiatives of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). This corporate website was started to increase the awareness about the mutual funds in india.  It is working best to educative customers to invest in mutual fund through business blogs.

While they have just started and long way to go but it is a perfect example of a business blog that generate leads.

Example 5
Travel Industry is the leader and first mover in business blogging.  Traveltriangle has applied business blogging at best. It’s strategy of business blogging is to writes about best places to visit in india to best places to visit in India. It also writes about places to visit at any budget & Best places to visit at your age.

It has gained huge popularity because it’s blogs has been accepted well specially in social media. It is the best business blog example if we want to learn how we should write about a customer choices.

I am sure that it must be getting good number of business leads for sure.

Example 6

This may be a controversial entry in the list of business blog examples because it is relatively less known business blog. It finds mention is the list because this small company has been generating a considerable good number of business leads from the business blog.

This business blog works as an expert for corrosive painting related niche.  It is able to reach more readers as it talks about the right solutions for related problems. Vidoes has been added to increase the interest level of the visitors.

Effectively, this blog is not only generating direct sales but also driving very targeted traffic to its parent company websites.

A small business owners can learn a lot from this business blog.

The conclusion –

There could be many other corporate blog sites and there could be much better examples of business blogs.

The Idea is to share the fact that lot of businesses have taken first mover advantage in their industry by starting a business blog. Or by adding a blog with current website.

Business blogging is new online marketing strategy.

The question is when are you going to start?Share your thoughts

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