5 Business Blog Writing Tips For Small Company To Get More Buyers

Most of the corporate websites failed to get Google first page rank even after making dedicated product pages with almost complete product descriptions. Somehow, these product pages failed to impress Google in some or other ways. This blog would share some easy-to-apply business blog writing tips for small companies.

With the help of These blog writing tips you would be able to promote your business. As this article would guide you to –

  • Increase the number of visitors to your business website,
  • Increase SEO of your product pages and business blogs
  • Beat your competitors by outsmarting in content writing.Business Blog Writing Tips For Small Company To Get More Buyers

Well, It is a lot of promise, I will make sure that I don’t disappoint you.

5 Business Blog Writing Tips For Small Company

http://beyondourborders.net/' Tip no 1- Go beyond your brand

Your brand is very important for long run. Remember a fact that there are larger number of buyers searching for your product not your brand.

It is harsh statement but that is true for a small and medium scale enterprises [SME]. Your brand is less known than your product.

Let’s see an example of real LED light manufacturing company from SME segment.
According to Google Keyword finder there are around 2k people were searching for his company name ( Or brand ).

Whereas the number of people looking for product ” LED lights” are around 1M to 10 M.


why not check here Take away– Your Product is more important for content marketing than your brand. In order to generate more business leads, Your business blog post and website must reach as many as online searchers possible. Optimize you website components with product name.

Tip no 2- Mention product name more in business website-

Your product and its alternate name should find buy cytotec philippines more place in-

  • blog post -Text, headings, Title, Meta & interna description
  • Business pages- Testimonials, FAQs etc.
  • Product description
  • Blog post URL- It is must
  • Images name & its attributes
  • All social media campaign &
  • Emailers

The above would step would increase the keywords of your product pages. Use of product name and its alternatives would make your pages more rich as far as content in concern.

It would reach to far more online audience. More customers would be able to find your blog or website.

 Tip No 3- Make product pages or blog post with alternative names of the products

Now, The next step is improvisation of product name by finding the alternate names. It is very critical for business blogs and content marketing.

Using same name of different product is a common error done by many small enterprises. Here is one such example-

Each product is known by different name. Name of the same product changes according to

  • Product application,
  • Usage,
  • Size,
  • Metal used
  • And even on the basis of origin

Example – The same LED light can be known as Street LED light, Outdoor LED light, Waterproof LED light, Garden LED light etc. That means you can dedicate separate page for each alternative names.

Each of the product names gets thousands of the searches. The top to search results also changes according to each product name.

Take away– Making product page with each alternate names would increase the SEO factor of your business blog. Your same business website will have more pages with many related product name. Your website reach will increase to more and more online customers.

How to find alternate names of the product?- Google keyword planner is the best tool to find the alternate product name. Simple type in the basic product name you know it would automatically suggest you lot of related product name. Take a example-


Tip no 4- Using Long Tail keywords

There is a lot of competition in one or two words product name. If you want to beat your completion then use a product name that has more than three words in blog post URL or Product page URL.

Even go further, Try to make a sentence that is a perfect reflection of your product application of attribute.

A blog post url or a Business product page with long tail keyword (A sentence ) rank much higher in search engines.
In the below example, the small business website has ranked in top 5 beating most of the competitors.


How to find long tail keyword for business blogs-

Google Itself is a best guilde – After typing a keyword in the Google search bar, just come at the bottom of the search results. You could easy find some long tail keywords.


Similarly Bing search can also help you to find similar keyword. For professional help in finding long tail keyword read- Free & paid long tail keyword finder tools

Tip No 5- Use different images for each alternate product name-

Images are integral part of content is any business blog, Product pages etc. It is strongly advised to insert the alternate name of the product in images.

If required use a seperate images for each alternate product. It will be helpful to optimize product images for search engines.

The Conclusion-

Focus on your product or services then brand. Being a small business you may be trying to build a brand of your product. Brand building is a long term process. Creating a brand of the products needs lot of investment as well.

As  Explained, There are Large number of people searching for your product not your brand.

Your job and target from business blog post is to attract every online customer searching for the product that you manufacture.

They know a product. They are searching for suppliers of that particular product.
If you are looking to get more customers online for your product then your business blog post should to be written around your product. Not around your brand.

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