9 Tips To Choose The Right Hosting Plan That Would Save Money & Give High Performance Website

Choosing a website host is no rocket science. However a little consideration of few aspect of the website would help you to choose the right hosting plan that could save money and give high performing website. There are more then 100 popular web hosting service provider worldwide trying to differentiate themselves on various parameter of hosting such as speed, ease of setting up and unmatched customer service. However the right way of choosing a website hosting plan starts with analysing your own planning & understanding level.

Will it make sense if a new comer buys a premium web hosting plan that comes for $50 year and offer SSL certification for free? No, absolutely not. He has to learn the basics like blog writing, on page SEO & basic social marketing. What he has to do with SSL certificate as of now.
Choose The Right Hosting Plan
This blog would address those various situations and thus guide you to pick the best & suitable hosting plan for you.

How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan

Let’s start and see what are the various aspects of website building and how should you choose the hosting plan accordingly- http://hatchedtv.com/d/NSRgRHAWJHA 1. Website building Platform – If you are kind of very new to website building (Means you have never made any website and never written any blog post, may have or may not have booked a domain but have not made any website live on an individual domain) then http://mikeschneider.org/houston-chronicle-endorses-judge-schneider/ do not buy any hosting plan. Very straight and rude it may sound but it is the best advice you would get from most of the experienced and successful blogger.

Instead of buying a web hosting plan,  choose free web building platform like blogspot.com. Lean to write blogs, learn to create few pages and build a basic website first. Blogspot is free website or blog building platform. You may host the basic website made in individual domain as well for free. The only cost you would bear is for domain registration.

Alternatively you may try wordpress.com to learn basic of wordpress. Building a website is far more better in wordpress platform and for long run making a website in wordpress is a better decision.

https://nathan.co.il/528-dte14949-best-free-new-dating-sites-2019.html Hey there is a catch. WordPress.com is also free to build a blog or website but  hosting it in a domain would cost you more then $10 a year.

The better option is to do some basic experiment with wordpress.com. Once you are through with this and have basic level of understanding then go for some https://marcchesley.com/650-dte15683-recent-100%-free-online-dating-sites.html basic self managed wordpress hosting plan. A self managed website in wordpress is actually in free open source wordpress.org.

2. Type of website to host – Now if you are not in above league, assuming you are slightly more experienced and have a good hand on wordpress or other content management softwares then before buying a web hosting plan think about what type of website you are going to make. If you think that it would be heavy in terms of content, would carry lots of images and videos then focus on a web hosting plan that offers or claims more speed. Because heavy content would take time to load, affecting user experience. I am sure you know the fact that google would give your website more preference in search results if it loads quickly. Go for some premium website hosting plan.

3. Location of your audience matters -Location of the server is another critical & more important aspect of web hosting. Choose the right hosting plan that gives you option to choose location of server. If your audience is from a particular geographical area then buy a plan with server near to that location. Distance of webserver matters in website hosting. If your website loads quickly the user experience increases positively directly increasing search rankings. Even a thousand fraction of a seconds in webspeed would give advantage.

Many website hosting service providers  provide managed web hosting plan with according to location.
Choose The Right Hosting Plan

4. Your website making experience– Now the third layer of website builders, probably you have made website in past. WordPress is no alien to you. You wanna try multiple projects at the same time. Due to your own experience in past, you can get visitors quickly. Then go for a mid range web hosting plan or a basic plan with a flexibility to upgrade into better hosting plan in between.Following web hosting service providers could offer a basic and mid range of web hosting plan with option to upgrade into next.

5.Expected visitors – Entertainment websites can get easy traffic, where as blogs and other may take time. Invest a little more in web hosting plan in case you expect higher traffic within few months of hosting. If you anticipate your traffic in advance you may avoid last minute rush to upgrade and avoid downtime as well.

6.Operating system – Many of the blogger are comfortable in Windows and a fraction of us uses linux as well. Almost every hosting company provider hosting plan according to operating system as well. Decide yourself on which operating system you are comfortable with and choose the right hosting plan accordingly.

7. Which Hosting company to choose – It is very critical, as few companies are good dedicated servers and few are good for shared web hosting. Few are good for hosting large, very heavy website where are few are good at basic and small to mid range of website. Even services of web hosting companies may differ country to country. It is suggested to go for a web hosting provider that has worldwide presence. Reason for this recommendation is those companies operating worldwide including USA and Uk are likely to follow higher standard in service, they would be able to provide better cyber security. Bluehost, Godaddy, Dreamhost, Hostgator & Inmotionhosting are few such website hosting service provider with almost worldwide service presence. Read-Godaddy WordPress Web Hosting & Support Review-The REAL Incident & BlueHost WordPress Website Hosting Review-Top Problems Resolved


8. Speed – Speed of website is directly related to customer’s experience, it was one of the google search algorithm is will be an important factor. So websites like ecommerce and medial related should always choose the right hosting plan that gives you better speed. Rear-

9. Offer, freebies & Money Back guarantee -Last but not least, offers and freebies saves a lot of Money and add value to web hosting. Hunt for offers like free domain, free SSL certificates, etc.  Read-
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