Why Cloud Hosting Is Best Solution For Ecommerce Websites

If you have been trying to find some best hosting solution for your ecommerce website then must go through with this article. There is direct correlation between “What cloud hosting solution can offer” & “What a ecommerce website needs”. It should be helpful for you to zero in on choose cloud hosting solutions for your ecommerce website.
Why Cloud Hosting Is Best Solution For Ecommerce Websites

Before we move ahead, I want you to think for a minute. What is http://callsmemama.com/tube.com/embed/fTzs0bV95Go bread, butter, oxygen and water for a ecommerce website?

It is “visitors”. Visitors are highly important prospects that may convert in paying customers provided all other aspect play perfect role. One of the aspect is page loading speed.

A visitor’s relation to your website http://warringtonlions.org/e.com/embed/YQKeQ7cCqH4 page loading speed

Right from the starting your online store, you do lot of things like SEO, social marketing, email campaigns and PPC to bring visitors. These all activities cost you money and time. Once a visitor clicks on a link in search results, social media posts or emails the real test of your website speed starts.

Every nano second matters. Even if there is delay for fraction of a second you lose a protective customer. The delay may be because of n number of factors. Some you cannot control but some you do control and you should.

Cloud hosting characteristics –
Though many of you may know, it is inevitable to revisit the three main advantage and feature of cloud hosting-
  1.  Speed – a website hosted in cloud is supposed to be faster.
  2.  Faster Scalability – It is easy to quickly scale up the server capacity in cloud computing platform
  3. Locational advantage  – Generally cloud hosting comes with many data center options in many location. That is an added advantage.
The above three are directly correlated with performance of an ecommerce website.

The perfect match – Cloud hosting solution and ecommerce website

1. All other factors unchanged, a web page hosted in cloud  would upload at least 2 seconds earlier. I know 2 seconds may not be very harmful for a blogger or a small business website. But for a highly competitive online sales space. It matters alot. If you are expecting hundred to thousands of customers a hour, you have to ensure that website performance well in this situation.

2. Cloud hosting is best solution In case you feel that there may an increase in traffic. It may be due to a marketing campaign planned. Due to seasonal increase in demand etc. You may increase the number of RAM or size of RAM on demand in few clicks . You may choose to pay for the for shorter term you have choose during a campaign period.

3. As mentioned earlier, cloud hosting option comes with many data center options. You may chose to host your online shop near your target audience. Again, this nearnity to your target audience will increase the speed & reduce the page loading time. Directly increasing conversions.

The conclusion– The overall performance & speed of e commerce website depends on many factors like size of pages, DNS, structure of the website, responsiveness & image optimization. Server is one of the most important factor. Cloud has all advantages that e commerce website must have- Speed & Flexibility.

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