Create Your WordPress Website On Cloud Hosting Platform In 15 Minutes

WordPress is beyond any doubt the best website builder & Cloud servers are the latest trend in Website hosting. This blog will show how to create a WordPress website on cloud hosting platform in 15 minutes.  The website created will bring power of WordPress and speed of cloud together for unmatched performance.

Create WordPress Website On Cloud Hosting Platform

Why WordPress ?– Many of you know WordPress is the simplest tool to create world-class website. Even if a good user of Facebook can easily create an interactive, SEO friendly & professional website using WordPress. This is a common reason why WordPress is preferred by small businesses, first time as well as professional bloggers & many others. With wordpress plugins and wide community help you can almost create any functionality on your website.

Why should you choose Cloud hostingCloud is futuristic hosting platform. A website hosted on cloud is far more better in terms of Speed, Security and Performance. Most of the established Fortune 500 companies have already shifted or in process of shifting to Cloud platform for business applications because of unmatched advantage of Cloud. Creating your WordPress website on cloud gives you advantage over others in terms of technology & website performance.

This blog would help you – 

  • To set up WordPress Website without any prior experience. 
  • To get best hosting technology (Cloud hosting) at the most affordable price. 
  • To make a WordPress website in 15 minutes (almost), even if you don’t know coding.  

How are we going to guide you to make your WordPress website on cloud?

We are going to do it in three easy phases. 

Phase 1Choosing a cloud hosting provider and creating an account (Step 1 to Step 3). -First phase is going to help you to get your Cloud hosting account. The website you will build (as explained in phase 3) would be stored in a server.  Cloud hosting is best platform to store your website for faster performance. This should take 4 to 5 minutes. 

Phase 2-  WordPress installation (Explained in only Step 4) -We will guide you to install WordPress after completion on phase-1. WordPress in an open source software that is used to build a website. Don’t worry knowledge of coding is not at all required. As discussed earlier, If you have used Facebook then you can use WordPress to create your own website yourself. It will take around 3 minutes.

Phase 3- Creating Website from WordPress dashboard (Step 5 to Step 10)- Here, you will learn to build your website the way you want. We will guide you to make basic basic pages, posts, categories, logo etc. This should also take 6 to 10 minutes. Thereafter, you can invest as much as time you want to build a world class website. 

Can’t wait now? Let’s get started.

Step-to-Step Process to Create WordPress Website on Cloud Hosting Platform

Step 1: The Right Cloud Hosting Account 

List of all Cloud hosting provider is very vast. It would take us ages to complete the list and explain the features of each and every hosting provider. A cloud hosting service provider may be good in X and many not be good in Y. Some may provide X for free and some may provide Y for free.

You know the trick very well. Do we really get anything for free? There is a price of everything. Hidden or explicit.

What matter the most is what kind of website you want to make, Which plan do you really need and whether that comes at best affordable price of not.

Step 2: Choose Bluehost as your Cloud Hosting Service provider & create an account  

We have selected Bluehost services because of following unmatched reasons. Bluehost is most affordable managed WordPress Cloud Hosting provider. The basic managed WordPress Cloud Hosting starts at $6.95 per month only. It has easy-to-use admin panel to make your journey quick. They have world-class & excellent customer support.  WordPress installation is a piece of cake with Bluehost.  Building a website on Bluehost managed wordpress cloud is a matter of a few clicks. Even if you don’t know any coding. 

The other benefit of choosing Bluehost cloud sites are- 

  1. Free Domain with cloud hosting 
  2. 30-day money back guarantee  

To start building your website on cloud, you need to create an account by clicking here (Sign up page).  You would see that there would be three plans. For a starter I would suggest a basic “Starter” cloud hosting plan that would cost you only $6.95 per month. Remember you have advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

bluehost managed wordpress cloud hosting price

Click on the image to choose your preferred cloud hosting plan

Step 3 : Register a Domain Name 

We have already mentioned that you get a free domain with Bluehost cloud sites for a year. Now you can choose your favorite domain name such as ( It is just a example of domain name, Choose your own). If you have your own domain then you can even transfer a domain. Bluehost will assist with you all the information on how to direct it to your new one. 

Sometimes your desired domains are not available. It happens on internet. Tyr to experiment of few related words. If you are now sure, then bluehost would give option to choose your domain later on. You can proceed with temporary subdomain.

Once you’ve confirmed everything, you can then go to the next step of WordPress installation.

Step 4 : WordPress Installation 

After successful completion, The following window would pop up. Click on hosting login and go ahead.

Now after successful login, you will see the simplest Bluehost Home page. There would be lots of icons and you will learn about them as you grow older with Bluehost. As of now the most important icon for you is “Install WordPress” Icon. Just click on that and it will take few seconds to install.   

Now, there will be two options in green. Since you are coming here for the first time click on the first green icon to Install New Scripts button. Now, select WordPress which is exactly the first icon available. Then Click on WordPress Icon, within few second you would be asked to choose the domain. Select the domain that you have booked.  

Now the final step to integrate WordPress with your domain. Your domain with WordPress control panel would be present in following form – (replace “YourDomain” with your domain). This will remain our WordPress control panel for ever. You have to visit this url when ever you have to make changes in website and write blogs. I come here 10 times a day.

You are required to choose a username & password. Choose is wisely.

That’s it, this phase is complete, WordPress has been installed. Now you should be eager to create your website. Let’s go to Phase 3 & create your website on cloud.  

Step 5: Introduction to WordPress Control Panel  

You may hardly repeat the above phase in future but the following steps are repetitive. You already have a username and password, so now you can visit in order to access a login screen where you can adjust the WordPress settings. Log in with your WordPress username and password. 

Welcome to dashboard, It is your factory. Your website look and feel is build here. You will build your website the way you want. Though the dashboard has may sections, some of the very important section have been marked in red.

Create WordPress Website blog on cloud Step 5

Step 6 : Change The Appearance-

The best part of WordPress is that if offers lots of free and paid website themes. The other best part is you can change themes many times. You need to click on appearance & then click on themes. Some pre installed themes could be found & it would appear on screen. In addition, you can add new theme by clicking on “Add new” option.  Activate any one as of now. As mentioned earlier, Themes can be changed n number of times.

Create WordPress Website on cloud Step 6

Step 7: Basic clean up-

Some of the pages are pre populated, these are very generic content like images & text. You might have seen those while choosing the theme. Now lets us quickly delete those stuff in order to create your own.

In order to do so, Click on “Pages”, then click on “All pages”, then select all pages, Choose “Move to bin” from “Bulk Action” and click on apply. All those pages would be deleted.

I want you to do the same for “All post”.

Having done above successfully, Now it is time to create your own content and start building your own website.

Step 8: Website Title, Tagline & General Setting

Quickly go to “Settings” and choose “General” option. Again you would find the generic stuff. Give Your website a name. generally, Website title is same as domain name (Like in my own website). Initially, this name would appear at header of your website. Later on you can replace it with a logo (Just like my own website).

Build your wordpress webiste on cloud hosting platform

Make a nice tagline for your website. Don’t worry you can always change it. Just remember, tagline should represent the identity and purpose of your website so that visitors could remember it for long time. Tagline is your first opportunity to create a brand of your website.

Permalink Setting– Now, click on “Permalink” under “Setting”. Choose post name as per image below and save the changes.This is an important setting that defines how you blog post URL could be seen. After completing this step as as advised, the typical URL of your blog post would be

Build your wordpress webiste on cloud hosting platform 1

It is very important for basic SEO and this setting is widely preferred by most of the successfully bloggers.

Step 9: How to create your first few pages in wordpress website.

Without going into details, lets us learn to create few basic pages like home, about us etc. Click on “Pages” and then click on “Add new”. You would be able to see the following screen. Here you make your first page. let start with “About Us”

You can write something about yourself or about your company etc. You can save it by clicking on save option to continue it later on. It would be visible under “Page” as “Draft”. You can even preview it before publishing it. The movement you click on publish, the page would be live on website.

how to make your first page in wordpress website

Do the same for Home page, disclaimer, T&C and for any other page that you want to create.

Step 10: How to create your first blog post & category 

Click on “Post” and then click on “New Post”. Thereafter the process is same as creating a page mentioned in step 9.

The main and important difference is that Blogpost title and URL are longer than general pages. Post are required better writing, categorization, Tagging and SEO.

In order to write your first blog post, Click on “Post”, then click on “Add new”. You will see the screen as shown in below image.

Just have a look on the fields marked in Red and the purpose of these handles.

  • Add Media – To add images or videos
  • Save Draft – To save the work done on post to continue later on
  • Preview – To see & check blog post before finally publishing it
  • Category- To club your related blog post in categories
  • Publish – To make a blog post live in websiteHow to write your first blog post

So start typing your first blog post. For example ” Best SUVs above 2500 cc in USA”. The WordPress would automatically create a url. You can edit it if you want. Edit url before publishing the post if you have to. Changing URL after posting a blog post is negative for SEO.

Every blog post must be put on a category. Category can be create in the same page. In the current example ” Best SUV” or “SUV” could be a good category name. While writing content of blog post you can insert Images or videos by clicking on Add media.

Click on publish to go show your work to everyone in internet.


You have completed basic exercise to create wordpress website on cloud.  Though it is a start of a journey but this was one of the main phase of building a website from scratch. Now focus more on creating more quality content, SEO friendly pages & post and increase traffic.

It will take a while to achieve your ultimate objective of website building.  I always believe that-

A Good start is half work done.

Get started

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