How To Create Your First Few Pages & Post In WordPress Website

How To Create Your First Few Pages

Without going into details, lets us learn to create few basic pages like home, about us etc. Click on “Pages” and then click on “Add new”. You would be able to see the following screen. Here you make your first page. let start with “About Us”

You can write something about yourself or about your company etc. You can save it by clicking on save option to continue it later on. It would be visible under “Page” as “Draft”. You can even preview it before publishing it. The movement you click on publish, the page would be live on website.

how to make your first page in wordpress website

Do the same for Home page, disclaimer, T&C and for any other page that you want to create.

blog How to create your first blog post & category 

Click on “Post” and then click on “New Post”. Thereafter the process is same as creating a page mentioned in step 9.

The main and important difference is that Blogpost title and URL are longer than general pages. Post are required better writing, categorization, Tagging and SEO.

In order to write your first blog post, Click on “Post”, then click on “Add new”. You will see the screen as shown in below image.

Just have a look on the fields marked in Red and the purpose of these handles.

  • Add Media – To add images or videos
  • Save Draft – To save the work done on post to continue later on
  • Preview – To see & check blog post before finally publishing it
  • Category- To club your related blog post in categories
  • Publish – To make a blog post live in websiteHow to write your first blog post

So start typing your first blog post. For example ” Best SUVs above 2500 cc in USA”. The WordPress would automatically create a url. You can edit it if you want. Edit url before publishing the post if you have to. Changing URL after posting a blog post is negative for SEO.

Every blog post must be put on a category. Category can be create in the same page. In the current example ” Best SUV” or “SUV” could be a good category name. While writing content of blog post you can insert Images or videos by clicking on Add media.

Click on publish to go show your work to everyone in internet. Congrats!

You have completed basic exercise to create wordpress website on cloud.  Though it is a start of a journey but this was one of the main phase of building a website from scratch. Now focus more on creating more quality content, SEO friendly pages & post and increase traffic.

It will take a while to achieve your ultimate objective of website building.  I always believe that-

A Good start is half work done.

Get started

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