Facing Competition in Blogging? Know How Most Successful & Famous Bloggers Tackle It

Tell me a place out there with no competition. One has to grow through and face this challenge. If you are growing in blogging then you face challenge  of “being competitor”. If reached a certain milestones then you have a challenge  “followed by competitors”.  Learn what is feels ” Facing competition in blogging” from most Most Successful & Famous Bloggers in the globe and learn how they tackle it.

Important note and disclaimer- These thoughts of “Individuals on competition in blogging” have been derived from the various interviews, press releases  & chats available on public domain mainly in internet itself. There are few interpretation if thoughts by “Bestwaytodoit.com” which may be a reflection of what have been said by these famous and successful blogger.

What Most Successful & Famous Bloggers Say About ” Facing Competition in Blogging”

find more info 1. Neil Patel-  No Need to mention that Neil Patel is one of buy amoxicillin 250 mg online uk  iconic blogger so far we have on internet domain. The entrepreneur Neil Patel is person behind one of the most successful blog Neilpatel.com  & www.quicksprout.com.. He blogs on blogging, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and money making has been a converting a laymen into a “Short of digital marketer”.  He also have online ventures like  www.kissmetrics.com  that provide visitors behavioral analytics to website owners.

His earnings from blogging has been remarkable as well. But he also have faces a lot of competition. He has his own share of ups and down.

azithromycin from mexico Neil Patel on competition in blogging– In an interview to Groovehq.com  has said that if you are facing competition then you have to be faster than your competition.  Probably this is the best way to tackle the competition in blogging.

Neil Patel, Neilpatel.com on CompetitionFacing Competition in Blogging


2. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – The inspirational blogger who started blogging to repay a loan. On the way authored highly inspirational personal finance help blog Makingsenseofcents.com  that has over 300000 of the monthly readers. She earn six figure income in dollars per month from blogging only.

Michelle on Competition– She has been very kind when it comes to competition. She sees the competitors as important part of blogging community. Her generous approach towards the players in the same field is different, indulgent & beneficent. Read what she said in an interview to Eva of Happybloggingmon.com
Michelle on Competition

                             Michelle on Competition

No wonder why she is so successful.

3. Syed Balkhi-  Probably, Syed is the first person who started to teach a common man “How to make a website in wordpress”. His in depth approach in problem solving related to  wordpress and simplistic writing skills have been extraordinary. His website wpbeginner.com get maximum traffic in tutorial blogs related to wordpress. No wonder how this website has over 600000 readers.

Syed on competition -In an interview to Shaun Quarton of Pagely.com,   Syed says that there is a lot of competition in blogging. He said that It may be a long term threat. He has advised to be write something more macro niche to be able to be different and beat competition.
More to come, Keep looking for the space. Please share your comments.

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