How To Find Time To Write A Blog To Make Money Online

Many of the readers have talked about this and whenever I interact with a person to try making money online (Or generate side income) that could solve a lot of personal and financial problem, They raise an objection that how to find time to make money online. For many this may be the biggest hurdle, I have tried to solve this problem with best tried and tested methods and would share how you you can find more time to write a blog and earn money online.

Before we start, let’s understand the time dynamics in blogging in simplest way –

How much time does it takes to start a blog :-It is a one time activity to set up a account and start blogging to make money online. Depending upon your choice of platform time taken to start a blog may differ.
Even if it takes more time, you should give it a try as it is a one time activity. Building a blog website is ongoing activity and will always be. You have to start writing blog post that will generate content and invite visitors, remember more content post, More visitors more money.

How much time it takes to write a blog post – Well initially it may take two three hours, once you get through with it may not take more than an hour including blog writing and posting with appropriate SEO.

Once you write & post 10 to 15 blog post, gradually you become master of it (WordPress or other blogging platform like Blogspot are very user friendly). All you need to start attempting and start giving some more time in self development in WordPress or any other platform to get good hand on it. Remember, Learning never stops.

How to find time to write a blog post to make money online

All I can say you don’t really need to dedicatedly find 2-3 hour or so per day from your schedule, if your are already engaged in your office, work, studies or anything, you can still find time to write a blog, let’s learn how-

Write a blog while waiting – Numerous studies on this topic have various claims. It is a fact that a lot of our time is wasted while waiting for a client, waiting for a bus,train & flight etc. As per studies, an average metropolitan waste 2 to 3 hours a week waiting for train, bus or anything else.
write a blog

Time passes very slow while waiting. Most of us would listen music, watch movies or entertain ourselves by surfing net. Why not investing this time in writing a blog to make money online. Use your mobile as writing pad and write a blog post. Mobile is a biggest gift if you seriously want to make money online.

Write blog while Traveling – I stopped using my car to go to office and used public transport so that daily I could give 1 to 2 hours extra to writing. Be smart and convert your travel time in blog writing times.

Stop Gossiping and write a blog – A lot of us do gossip in office and in home as well as in what’s app and what we gain out of it? Nothing. Stop doing it and use this time to write a blog. Just see how much words have you written in what’s app or facebook page. If you put together all those words you used while chatting, you would be able to make a blog post. Use that time saved b avoiding meaning less chatting and write blogs that will make money for you.

Blogging and Watching tv– Trim dedicated hours given to watch TV & unnecessary news. Use that time to write a blog. Remember the ferrari ads do not come on tv as those who own it do not watch it regularly. Learn from those who have made it (the masters in money making).

Avoid too much indulgence with friends – Friends are important and are source of influence as well. Avoid those who influence you negatively and save that time.

Family, Shopping & blogging :- Many believe that family is taking too much time and you are not able to write much due to this. But remember whatever you are doing is for you and your family and it could be managed.  Ask family member to do some of your work so as to reduce your workload.  Like shopping groceries etc. Avoid shopping multiple time, limit the number of shopping.

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