6 Free & Best Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative & Research Tools

Google Adwords keyword planner has served millions of the bloggers to find best keywords and key phrases to be used in order to improve SEO to get desired search engine traffic (organic traffic). Its ability to show relevant searched keywords and volume is unmatched in many ways. However with the changing time and the dynamics of online marketing there is a strong shift to find targeted keywords and key phrases. Smart use of key phrase or longs tail keyword is giving better conversion then traditional highly searched keyword replaced blog pages. Hence We decided to help readers to showcase Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative & research tools.


http://blog.theborrowedboutique.com/checkout What are the limitations of Google Keyword planner and why you need to know the alternatives?

Keyword planner works best to showcase keyword alternatives, average monthly searches, competition and  suggested bid. These are primarily ok and gives you general ideas to collect the alternatives. What It lacks is to show and analyse the buy lasix online usa competitor’s websites stats. It is also, as of now not showing the chloroquine tablets for sale top ranked website & URLs for a set of keywords. ( I am sure Google Adword keyword planner is capable of computing and analysing it but for some reason it has not shown it). It has created a opportunity for others to develop an alternative keyword analysis tools to overcome the shortcomings of Google keyword planner and bring all other relevant stats related to keyword research under one analysis tools.

Google keyword planner also suggest limited long tail keywords which is very critical to find in case your are looking for targetted traffic and higher conversion through SEO. Although The keyword suggestion are complete but are too wide leaving a user a lot of other work to do choose perfect combination of keywords.

6 Free & Best Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative & Research Tools

These alternatives have capitalized the weakness of the Google keyword planner and have offered a unique, focused and effective ways to find & analyze keywords. In addition, these keyword analytics tools fulfill the need to suggest a relevant and location based keyword, long tail keyword or key phase saving a lot of time to user.

Let’s discuss these google keyword planner alternatives one by one.

1. Answethepublic.com :- Answerthepublic.com is unique long tail keyword or keyphrase suggestive tool. It suggest the question combinations that is  unique as this much of questions are hard to find together in any other tools. Not even in Google keyword planner. I find it very promising. All the related questions that forms long tail keyphrases are suggested within seconds.

You can also find questions asked country wise as well. I mean with same keyword, how questions are asked differently in different countries. It is very useful when you are targeting a specific country.

 It also suggest related alphabets that you may not be able to think. Take a view :-

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative
The only drawback of answerthepublic.com is that it does not show the number of searches per question. As a temporary solution you can copy and paste these questions one by one in Google keyword planner and can find the number of searches location wise. Off course it will consume you time.

It is free to use by the time this blog was written.

2. Semrush.com :- Semrush is by far the best and better Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative. As a tool to analyse keywords, Semrush not only suggests the alternate keywords but also gives the monthly searches according to location. Semrush is a complete digital marketing tools to analyse paid & organic traffic around a keyword or domain.

It can also show external links or backlinks to your competitors website so that you could know from where the links are coming to your competitor’s site. (Just type the domain name of your choice/competitor and see the results)


It can also show the anchors text of your competitors as well so that you can know what kind of keywords , long trail keywords or key phrases your competition is using.

The basic & limited results version of SEMRUSH is free, Pro version would be charged.

3. Alexa.com :- Alexa has transformed itself from a website traffic estimator to full fledged SEO research & SEO audit tool. Just to mentioned that Alexa has been acquired by non other then Amazon. Alexa examins millions of the sites and is capable of showing easy to rank keywords. It can suggest and show your competitors as well. additionally it can audit your own website for SEO. Given the old and still most trustworthy name it can be tried but be ready to pay from very first keyword. Alexa is not free.

4. Moz,com :- Moz may not be best seo tool but it is one of the perfect tool to analyze keywords. The best part of Moz is perfect SERP analysis. It shows the alternatives or suggestions in crisp list with number of searches. Moz even displayed the page authority and domain authority ( A ranking index developed by itself) to make analysis more relevant and effective. Google Keyword Planner rather shows a wider list. Moz will also tell you the top most URLs those have mentioned these keywords. Making it easier for you to find competitor’. Moz’s basis keyword research is free to use , the detailed and in-depth keyword  research with data will be paid.

5. Spyfu.com :- Spyfu may not be a best Google Adwords Keyword Planner Alternative on keywords suggestions but in terms of finding the competitor it is one of the best. It will tell you top organic competitor ( website that would rank near your website in organic search) and top paid competitor as well. Once you identify these domains you can further find and analyze keywords used by them using other tools mentioned above.

6. KWfinder.com :- KWfinde.com’s mail speciality is that it helps you to find the long tail keywords. Additionally you can search the question asked around that keyword and check its volume as well. a feature that was missing in Answerthepublic.com. You can get limited attempt at free of cost then you will have to buy subscription.

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