3 Free Online Product & Business Ideas From Rich & Successful Bloggers

One of the key to success for a start-up is to develop a brilliant product. A easy to use product that solves a real problem finds buyers easily. This blog will share some free online product & business ideas from non other then rich & Successful blogging masters.

Disclaimer- These ideas are collected from various interviews of mentioned bloggers. The information is already present in public domain.

This blog is just trying to collect those business ideas under one page. For me it is a gentle and genuine effort to help an entrepreneur to try any of the product for his business venture.

Let’s hear from the masters –

1. We all know how successful buy Gabapentin 300 mg for dogs Neil patel is in terms of blogging. He has been true master of content marketing. His websites have been attracting millions of readers and that has made him millionaire.

In an interview to Groovehq.com, Neil patel has expressed that there is need of a brilliant product that should be made to solve a problem of advice flooding of mails.

He explains that there is a need to make cytotec in mexico an email managing app that should do more than just providing filters.

Can there be a mix of  AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a email app to reply some of mails automatically with some sense?

Let’s hope so.

Such kind of email solution falls in the category if SAAS ( Software as a solution ).

Free Online Product & Business Ideas

Neil Patel’s Product Idea

2. Every blogger using wordpress must have at least read one blog of wpbegginner.com ( prove me wrong).

The author of such a successful blog Syed Balkhi in a interview to pagely has suggest to go niche to website hosting companies.

So far a blogger has been suggested to choose a niche.


Any way. What he sees that there has to be specialised website hosting solution related to industries. These hosting solution should add more value to a customer not just giving a server space.

Syed’s Product Idea

3. While Neil and Syed are so specific in online product & business ideas, the Darren Rouse of Problogger.net is more generalistic in suggesting.

In his interview to website retireat21.com, he said that a product should solve a problem of a common man or a specific set of people. The users would automatically come and become loyal.

Is he hiding some of the good business ideas? May be.

But, what he is advising is real and concrete. Amazon and ub

er are the best examples as they have solved the problem of people at large.

Wpbegginer and problogger are also a good example of such problem solving of a comparatively smaller but prominent number of internet community.
What problem are you solving?
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