Frequently Asked Questions About Live Chat Online Chat & Chatbot in A Website

Live chat & chatbots are latest fad for the online marketers. Online chat options and chat rooms have seen special interest by the website owners. Some of the advance users or big corporate websites have either implemented chatbot or any form of online chat option or they are in process of doing it in near future. This blog will collect and answer some of the basic question related to Live Chat, Online chat and Chatbot related to a website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Chat, Online Chat & Chatbot in A Website

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Chat, Online Chat & Chatbot in A Website

At the end of this blog, you would be able to understand –

  • The basic explanation of terms like Online Chat, Live Chat & Chatbot
  • The basic & non technical difference
  • should you use it in your website or not? if yes then
  • Which option is more suitable for your website?

What is live chat option in website?

Live chat is a simple interface between you and your website visitors who want to interact to you by typing or texting on real time basis. The way you chat with your friends, family and your pals through whatsapp, Your website users do the same with you through live chat window  in your website.

The difference between a general mobile app chat application and live chat in website is do dont really save a contact in your contact book. a visitors may simply click a chat window shown in your website and you have to respond.

What is the difference between live chat & online chat option in website?

Live chat and online chat are just alternate names of chat option in website. What I feel that english countries like US and UK prefer calling it live chat and other part of world prefer online chat.

What about chatbot? it is also same as live chat?

Chatbot and live chat may sound just sound like a synonyms of each other but there is a big difference. A significant difference that every business who owns a website must understand.

If you have been planning to deploy a chat option then it is very critical for you to analyse the difference minutely.

Because the difference is determined basis some of the keys parameters like usefulness and cost implementation.


Let’s understand and what is the basic difference between a online chat and Chatbot in a website.

Chatbot is automated software ( or algorithm) that pick and shows answers automatically from set of pre written answers. In other words, Before deploying a chatbot in your website you have to form a set of questions and answers and a chatbot service provider will use AI & ML ( Artificial intelligence and machine learning) technology to configure it to your website so that the best answer is automatically shown without a human intervention.

Whereas, behind a live chat window there is a real human responding to visitors quieres. That means each time a customer is typing a question, each time a real persons is reading the question then giving a answer.

You may call that person a representative, a associate, an expert, relationship manager etc.

Where as a chatbot is machine at work.

There is a software that has been designed to understand the questions and it has been designed to find a answers from database of prewritten answers. It shows the most relevant  information automatically. Though you have to work hard to designed question and answer.

Which is easy to deploy, live chat or chatbot?

Of course, putting a online chat option or live chat in your website is lot more easier then implementing a chatbot.

If you are using a open source platform like wordpress, then with the help of live chat plugins you may deploy a live chat option in wordpress website in few minutes.

In this scenarios, just ensure to recruit resources ( your employee or associates ) who will answer the customers questions on behalf of you. You have to train then just like you train your other guys in sales and service.

Hence online chat option takes less time to implement in general.

Whereas, if you what to deploy a chatbot, then be ready to work hard.

The most important thing that you need to do is to generate content related to your business. The content is nothing but the list of all question that you customers may ask along with the most accurate answers in brief.

Mind it! It is not ready to do. If you already have set of FAQs then your half work is done. These FAQs can be converted in questions and answers of your chatbot easily.

Which is more Costly?

Well, I can’t answer this exactly as this will be different for different industry.

Though I would like to elaborate with few cases.

Implementing a live chat option is less costly & it is quick as well.

But overhead cost of resources who will answer the visitors queries will be high & recorring. It will be as equal as any of the other resources or could be more. As the representatives will be required to be more skilled in the written languages.

Implementing a Chatbot could be more costly but mind it is just a one time cost or one time investment.

If you work hard and deployed most of the questions and answers that your customers are asking then you can save lot of cost. As those calls may be not coming to you or three will be less number is mails related to queries.

A chatbot can handle multiple set of customers and multiple queries simultaneously and automatically without a human intervention.

Chatbot is real automation in terms of answering a customers queries.

live chat or chatbot ?What is more suitable for my business?

I believe that a business with large customer base and business with general non customised service should opt for Chatbot. If you get huge numbers of emails or calls and answers for most queries can be simply drafted in text then go for chatbot.

Chatbot is good for a business with products for masses . If you have very large number of customers and they contact you in large numbers then chatbot is a must service channel for you.

Chatbot makes a readily available information easy to reach to customer.

How ever you services are customised, and every customer may have different queries  then online chat option is better for you.

Plus, If your sales in direct preposition of number of leads generated then go for live chat option. Online chat option is good to capture leads instantly. Hence online chat in website is a good tool for a b2b business.

Live chat works as a lead capturing tools. It give a human touch in conversation.

How can live chat be integrated with wordpress website ?

Most of the live chat service providers have option to add live chat in your wordpress website. Following are the few ways to deploy live chat in your website-

  • Manually – by editing HTML or java code manually, This method is not recommended for beginners.
  • With WordPress plugins – This is the best way to integrate a live chat option in website. With the help of live chat plugin you can add live chat in your website without knowing coding.
  • With the help of developer – If you have a big business and can afford to hire developer then go for this option nad focus more and your business.

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