3 Steps to Get Google Analytics Tracking Code For Website in Blogspot

This blog, as the subject explains itself would not only talk about easy to remember steps to Get Google Analytics Tracking Code (popularity called GA code ) for website in blogspot with a domain but it will also guide you to get it for blogspot website without a domain.


For example even  if you have any website in blogger with domain like www.yourdomain.com or you have website without domain in blogspot like yourblog.blogspot.com, you would learn to get google analytics tracking code.
After this blog, you would be able to start analyzing your site’s traffic in just 3 simple steps

There are three simple steps to get google analytics tracking code for a website in blogger-

1. Sign up to google analytics

2. Submit the blogger website with the domain or without domain. If you have not made any blog in blogspot then read –How to Create A Blog on Blogger in 3 Minutes

3. View and get google analytics tracking code ( GA code)

Hang on, some useful and critical tips have been written, do not forget to read them in the explanation of each steps.

Get Google Analytics Tracking Code For Website in Blogspot

special info Step 1. comprare Seroquel generico How to apply to google analytics tracking codeClick here to sign up to google analytics. Use the same gmail ID that has been used to create the website in blogger.

Note – You can get tracking ID for a website hosted in any platform wordpress, blogspot or any other.This is also the same place to get tracking code for androids apps as well. This blog is covering the process to get GA code for blogger and site made in blogger.
Google Analytics Tracking Code

hydroxychloroquine brand name india Step 2. Submit the blogger website – Google would like to know some basics of the website and verify ownership as well. Got the website hosted with blogger ( blogspot ) it is like walk in park. As soon as you enter the url and other details you get google analytics tracking code.

 This becomes slightly tricky for website hosted with other host. There are multiple ways to verify the ownership in these cases. The simplest way to verify is to verify with host. For that you should have own the domain or URL of the website you are applying for. I mean keep the host user ID and password ready with you. For example, if you have hosted your website in WordPress then keep the user ID and password ready.

Choose verify with host option in the below screen..choose the host, you will have to enter the user ID and the password of the host. Google would verify the same. In few seconds if the below message comes that means your website is successfully verified.

Step 3- Once the above process is complete the Google Analytics Tracking Code will be visible like this UA-XXXXXXX-X

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