Godaddy To Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Migration Without Downtime

Sharing is best part in blogging community. Being a part of this community I have been trying to contribute by sharing what ever good or bad experience I have with blogging. Recently I learned how easy it is to do Godaddy to Godaddy managed wordpress hosting migration that too without downtime.

It is assumed that you already have a managed wordpress website hosted with Godaddy and want to shift the hosting within Godaddy.

What was my case- Just to bring in more clarity in hosting migration process, I would like to share what I did. I had two wordpress managed account with godaddy. That means I had two customer ID.

One of my managed wordpress website was hosted in the original source first godaddy hosting account. I had not hosted any website in cheap lasix online second account.I wanted to shift my managed wordpress website from azithromycin dose hindi first account to second account. Technically I was changing host. I did it because renewal of first hosting account was expiring in next few days. Whereas the second managed godaddy wordpress hosting was expiring after 6 months. Must read “How to save upto 300% in WordPress Hosting Renewal- Real Case Study”

By transferring the hosting to new account, I was actually saving some bugs.

Pre migration conditions –

1. You should  have two hosting in same godaddy account ( Under one user account )or

2. You should have two hosting in two different Godaddy account.

In either case you can migrate your wordpress hosting very easily.

3. The target hosting ( Where you want to shift in your website ) account should  not have a website live. Please note that this process will delete if a website is already hosted in target hosting account.

Mandatory requirement –

1. If your domain is registered with any other domain registration company then keep the user ID and password ready or recover them before starting the migration. Because after the hosting migration you will have to change the A record yourself. Changing host simple means changing the IP address of your website.

Note- In this entire process godaddy would not get involved. They may guide you but you have to initiate and complete the migration yourself.

Though this article is dedicated to Godaddy to Godaddy managed wordpress hosting transfer, please be informed that many hosting companies provide free wordpress migration as well.

Steps to Transfer WordPress Website Hosting From Godaddy to Godaddy

Step 1. – Login to your Godaddy destination account. Means the account where you would like to transfer.

Step 2 – Click on the product section and choose the hosting.

Now there are two scenarios –

A) You have not hosted any website in this hosting account . Just like my case. Then your can go directly to step 3

B) You already have a website hosted here. If you do not want to continue with it then delete this website and move to next step.

If you want to keep this website then sorry, you cannot transfer any website in this hosting account. It is advised that

You can buy a new managed wordpress hosting plan from godaddy in this account and then come to step 3.

Step 3 – Click on host a website option/Set up a account option – Now, again there are two option
A)  Host a new website
B)  Migrate a existing wordpress website
Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Migration

Click on option migrate an existing wordpress website.

Step 4. It would ask you to enter the wordpress admin user Id and password. The same user ID and password used to login into the dashboard of the wordpress panel of the website that you want to transfer.

After successful entry the migration would start. It may take some time. If the domain is with godaddy then migration would be completed and new website would be hosted in new hosted immediately.


That’s it, You have done it.

I will guide you to check how to be 100% sure about migration is complete or not in the last part of this article.

Note:- If the domain is not with Godaddy then after migration the old website would be hosted on a temporary domain which may look like this-


You need to follow step 5

Step 5- Point A record of new host from Domain control panel- This step is only require if the domain is not registered with godaddy. Now log on the control panel of the domain. Go to record or self service section. In my case the domain was booked with Bigrock and domain control panel.

You need to A change it and point new a record of the server. You will get A record of new host by logging into the the destination godaddy account and following the below direction
Login > My Products > Managed WordPress Hosting > Manage > Settings ( The right had side of the screen will show you the IP address of server. This is actually a “A Record of you server”.
You need to copy and paste it to the control panel of your domain.

Now copy , go to control panel of the domain and paste this record. In next few minutes your website would be live in new hosting.

This is all about Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Migration process.

How be 100% assured of successful transfer- If you want to be 100 % sure and want to check where the transfer process is successfully completed or not then, following is the simple steps to check IP address of the hosting server. (called ping check )

If you are using Windows then
Go to search bar> Write CMD > Command Prompt >  Write “Ping domain name”  without http or www
If the IP address if new hosting server is visible that means the migration process is successfully completed.
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