Godaddy WordPress Web Hosting & Support Review-The REAL Incident

There are many WordPress web hosting provider available in the internet with different plans ,service guarantee, offering freebies etc. In last few years I have tried few Web hosting service provider for different project. My experience was more or less same until this incident. It is said that real customer service & support is tasted when you are in a unavoidable situation & need urgent help with desired solution. This blog on “Godaddy WordPress web hosting & support review” is based on read this true incident & based on my experience with Godaddy customer support team.

Before sharing the incident it is important to understand why I chose Godaddy over others for wordpress web hosting plan for my website-

1. Automated backup
2. 24×7 support
3. Hassle free or automated wordpress hosting setup.
4. Automatic update to wordpress new version
5. Behaviour of support staff.
6. Free domain (Was complementary with one year WordPress Self hosted plan)
7. It was most cost effective WordPress Hosting plan
8. It had 15 days money-back guarantee.

Note- I was able to get free domain from godaddy Since I was purchasing web hosting azithromycin sandoz price for the first time. When I made repeated purchase the price went up. Even the renewal price was more then the first time purchase. I was happy because Godaddy won my trust with great customer service, Plus, I have made enough money in first year of blogging to pay for the renewal from website.

Godaddy WordPress Web Hosting

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“The REAL incident” – Why I needed urgent support from Godaddy within 5 days of hosting my WordPress website :- I was buying a WordPress self hosted plan online (WordPress is my best website building tool so far). As mentioned earlier, A domain was complementary with the plan so I booked the domain then and there while making payment. In next few minutes my website was live. For the help of readers, if you buy wordpress managed hosting from Godaddy that offers complementary domain, you can either book it then and there or you can book it after purchasing the hosting plan. Godaddy is flexible in complementary domain booking.

Then, I was out of station for next 4 days and did not see my website, on 5th day at late evening I found that I had committed a small mistake. Though it was very small but it may have impacted me negatively in long run. I had booked the domain name with spelling mistake.
I had three option-
  • To continue with the domain that has spelling mistake,
  • Put more money to book new domain ,
  • Cancel the subscription ( WordPress hosting plan that has offered free domain, discontinue the website and then rebook the same self hosted WordPress plan with free domain ) this could have abolished my all work to build that website and would have wasted my time as well.

Though the new domain does not cost much but I decided to speak to my website hosting provider Godaddy at once.

The unexpected support from GoDaddy service team -Here is how godaddy excellent service representatives and 24×7 support helped me in unexpected way and Why I should rate Godaddy a best web hosting provider.I called Godaddy and shared my problem at around 9 pm, the representative asked me few questions and as usual verified the credentials, then I told to them that I want to cancell my order web hosting plan had 15 days refund policy.But what godaddy did was out if my imagination, they put me on hold for 3 minutes after taking permission from me as they wanted to come back to me with best solution. Though it was not convenient for me to hold call for 3 minutes that too after speaking for 6-7 minutes, I waited for their response.

The Godaddy customer service response and unique solution– They said that there was a policy that a domain booked with them with wordpress self hosting plan could be cancelled within 5 working days and a new domain could be booked. Wow, that was excellent, somehow I controlled my emotions (As it was not known to me, plus, I was thinking why a web hosting service provider would do that) and asked then to continue. But there were two issues

1.This process needed approvals from senior managers who were not there after 9 pm , they were expected to come next day(a practicals problem) and

2. 5th day of the cancellation of domain timeline was expiring after 3 hours. (An unavoidable situation).

Godaddy wanted to their customers to be happy,I would rather say “delighted” and keep it, then convert him as a long term customer. They said that they will take a waiver of that 5 day clause for one more day and asked me to call next day in morning after 10 am for this again.

I did the same, to my surprise the new representative knew all about my discussion yesterday and asked again to be on hold, they took some time (around 10 minutes) but after that, they smoothly booked a new domain and hosted my site on new domain on call itself.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

4 lines for Godaddy WordPress Web Hosting support-

  • On call resolution was excellent.
  • They were eager to take some some extraordinary decision to make a customer delighted.
  • They were able to understand the problem very well.
  • Provided the best solution on time.

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