Is It A Good Idea To Start Blogging

Yes., At any given time starting a blog a definitely a good idea. One should not spend a single minute to start blogging. Your personal blog is your personal online property. Blogging exposes you, your thoughts and your skills to every corner of the world. The best part is you can start blogging for free. A blog can be created without revealing name in case you want to hide it as of now. Is It A Good Idea To Start Blogging, Start a Blog, Getting started with blog

Why people do blogging?

There are many reasons to start blogging. If you have not found any reason to start a blog, then the following few lines would give you some fair ideas –

Why should you start Blogging ( Money factor ) –

When there is a reward there is a motivations. There is a good amount of money in blogging.  People are earning six digits monthly income from blogging.  and there are more than 20 ways to make money from blogging.

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How to find time to start a blog-

Most of us,I repeat, most of us waste a lot of time in social media & movies.

According to, teens are spending almost 9 hours per day on social media platforms.

According to, An average internet user spends around 2 hours per day on social media. That is 14 hours of our weekly time.

A part of this amusement could be invested in blogging to make money.

Can’t you devote 5 hours per week in blogging that may generate part time income?.

The best part is “blogging can be done with full time job”.

It is a myth that blogging takes lots of time.

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