Top 2 Google AMP Ready WordPress Themes [Updated]

This blog has a collection of few unique Google AMP Ready WordPress Themes. We aim to show this collection because Google is experimenting with mobile responsive pages in order to serve the mobile users that are going to overtake desktop/Laptop/Tab users shortly.

Google AMP ready wordpress Theme

The project called AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a step closure to this where as Google is trying to identify AMP ready pages and in Google Search results it is highlighting the AMP pages. It is yet not clear that AMP ready pages are being preferred in mobile search or not. But It is a clever move to user a website or theme that is ready for AMP. Because whether AMP pages are preferred or not,  it has its own advantages  as a AMP page loads loads much quickly then a normal page and consumes less data then normal responsive page. That means with growing awareness about AMP, A mobile user who is deemed to be data conscious would tend to use a AMP page.

Google AMP Ready WordPress Themes


1. Onfleek – AMP Ready and Responsive Magazine Theme

Google AMP ready WordPress themes

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One of the advantage of ONFLEEK is that it is not only one of the best Google AMP ready WordPress themes but also It has Google font JSON update. It can post your blogs automatically to Facebook and Twitter ( Most popular social sharing sites) as it is in auto sync with them.

ONFLEEK is a Google AMP ready WordPress theme, then as a result there should be faster upload of your pages that could lead in few abandons , Low bounce rates and could bring more traffic. Here is how the pages made in OnFleek would appear in the mobile searches. ( AMP mark can be seen in the search results, am AMP ready pages will have these mark).

Google Amp Ready WordPress theme


What more :-ONFLEEK has multiple header option, attractive home page & layout options. It is Rated 4.17 out of 5 as well.

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2.Publisher – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme

Publisher is one of the best WorldPress them for multiple reason.

Publisher comes with more then 90 home page option that makes it first choice for any blogger as it can be utilized for almost any kind of website.  It is also one of the best Google AMP ready WordPress Themes. It is almost 4x faster due to AMP support. A lot more can be written about Publisher and its usability and customized usage has given publisher a 5 Rating out of 5.

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