Google Search Engine Submission : A to Z Guide every blogger must read

A good blog must reach to a targeted reader, Hence every blogger wants to get indexed in the google search as soon as possible to get more and more visitors. Though the indexing is an automated process. I mean even if you only make a blog and publish it then google will index it automatically one day. The only problem is you don’t know when that one day comes. There are some sites that google crawl every minute (mostly the news sites ) and there are sites that get chance in a month. The point is, every blogger must know how to reach Google and tell ” hey! here is all my new blog that I want to show to the entire word”. Here come the submission process. You will, withing few minutes understand almost all ways of  cheap isotretinoin canada Google Search Engine Submission.

You will be able to understand the easiest way to submit a page, a blog or a website to google search engine for indexing.Can’t wait to learn? lets start with first point.

How to submit a blog post to google?

This is the easiest  website here Google Search Engine Submission method. You don’t need to do anything other then login into Google with any of your google account. Just open . You would be able to see the following link. Just type the URL (complete url ,with domain ) of the blog or the page you have recently created or the one you want to get index early and press submit request. That’s it. Is it not simple?

Google Search Engine Submission

Note :- You have to login in with google in order to submit any URL.

– We have seen most of the page get index withing a minute. But please do not expect that google will give any specific time.

:- If your site does not follow basic google content guideline then it may never be indexed.

:- Also please do not expect early indexing for banned keyword related blog,


There is another way to submit a single blog post or page – That is with the help of G oogle search console. Simple go to Google search console  >Select your website > Click on Crawl>Fetch as Google > and then past the url barring the domain.

google search engine

The main requirement for the above process of Google Search Engine Submission is that you have to add the property ( means your website) first in google Search Console and get this verified. Please do that because adding and verifying you site in google search console is any way important to analyse sites search performance and it will be required to submit the whole website to Google Search Engine.

How to submit whole website to google?

In order to submit the whole website , you have to registered or add the website in google search console . This was any way discussed in just above para. Once you have done so simple follow the below simple step.

  • Login into Google Search Console
  • Select the property ( if only you have more then on property)
  • click on site map >click on Add/Test Sitemap
  • Then type sitemap_index.xml in the empty box
  • Click on Submit ( If You want to test the site map you can test it as well )

Site map submission

Now you have successfully finished process of Google Search Engine Submission.

How to check whether a the blog post or page submitted is index or not?

Simply go to google search page and type . It will show you the all pages that Google has index. If you want to check the indexing status of a single page that you have indexed few minutes back the type site:url in google search bar .

Note:- In most of the cases the single blog post or page submitted in google with the above process can be seen in results . Even if it does not show. just wait for a day or two. In call probability it must be indexed.

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