A Complete Guide to WordPress Custom Menu (Create, Customize, Display)

In my blog , 12 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on Blog Websites I explained to increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rate in Website. It was also explained why customer engagement is important for your website performance and user experience. Creating a right menu and displaying it in your website is critical not only from engagement perspective but also from my site making money from blog perspective. This I blog will be a buy oral prednisone Complete Guide to  WordPress Custom Menu (Create, Customize, Display) .

You would be able to learn-

  • How to make essential (Primary Menu ) as well as effective menu (Secondary Menu) in WordPress website.
  • How to manage a menus in WordPress dashboard/ Controls panel.
  • What is the most effective way to display menus in WordPress theme.
  • How to show mega menu in WordPress Theme header, footer or side panel.
Let’s starts with types of menus that should be created in a website –
Manu can be of many types. There are no set rules. but as a blog you must have two type of menus in your blog post.

1. Essential / Basic Menus :-
You can call it WordPress primary menu as well. This menu contains pages like about us, contact us, home, term of use, privacy policy, disclaimer, gallery, events, achievements etc.   You should make dedicated pages for each of these menu items. The urls could be like –

Www.your domain/Home

Www.your domain/Aboutus etc.

vidalista buy online 2. The Selective Menu :-
You call it secondary menu or wordpress customer menu as well,  This menu could be created to display those pages / categories / tags that you want every visitor to see or visit, it may be list of you preferred categories, may be page with affiliate links, or a page that contains most interesting or best of your blog post.

We write on blogging topics such as Start a Blog, SEO, increasing Adsense revenue etc.  So our primary menu contains Those categories. There may be many more categories according to your own choice and requirement.

How to Create WordPress Custom Menu

In order to create WordPress Custome menu, Follow the path in WordPress –

login> Appearance > Menu > Create a Menu.

Following screenshot will be a guide to you as it has highlighted all important tabs (Create, Add, Delete, Save and move) related to Menu.

WordPress Custom Menu
Here is how I created a Primary Menu for my WordPress Site ( And named it Primary Menu), Follow the same in your control panel:-
  • Step 1 -Click on Create a new menu.
  • Step 2 -Then give a name to new Menu ( Write primary menu to start with, though you can give any name).
  • Step 3 – Select pages that you want to add on primary menu ( I had created paged like home, about us, terms of use in advance),
  • Step 4 – Click on add to menu,
  • Step 5 – Change the sequence of menu ( Or change menu structure)by simply dragging a item up and down.
  • Step 6 – Click on Save Menu


That’s it. You have successfully created a Basic Menu or essential menu in wordpress. In the similar manner you can create other type of menu as well. Make a selective menu as per your blog and choice and name it as you did in first step. We will soon guide you to manage and display it effectively in WordPress.

How to Customize WordPress Custom Menu (Manage, Edit )

WordPress allows you to customise menu as well. Menus can be managed and edited in click on buttons & in very user friendly way . You can make a new menu, add items in existing Menu, delete, rename, Modify the Menu name in few clicks. The best part is that paying with menu does not affect performance of live website.
  • Step -1 Click on – Appearance > Menu >Select a menu to edit ( and select ) .
    Then go to menu structure and drag out the items that you want to keep out of menu.
  • Step- 2 In order to add a page or category select it and then click in add to menu. (the way you did while creating a new menu).
  • Step -3 Then click on save option.How to Customize WordPress Custom Menu (Manage, Edit ) 

How to Display a WordPress Custom Menu in Website (or Theme)

First thing first, The location of menu depends on Theme. Different WordPress themes offer different places to display customer menu. First check where can you show a menu in your existing WordPress theme.

How to check menu location in WordPress theme?
The location of the menu in a particular wordpress theme  can be seen by clicking on manage locations, in my current theme there are only two locations where I can show menus. That means in total, I can only show two  WordPress custom menu in my current theme. Refer the following  Screenshot –
How to Display a WordPress Custom Menu in Website (or Theme)
There are few themes that have many menu locations. 
The other way of managing menu location is to by clicking on display location (See at the bottom right hand side first  screenshot).  You can check preview of WordPress custom menu without going live as well by clicking on manage with live preview. I mean you can first check the appearance of menu in WordPress theme then go live. (WordPress is that effective and useful). The ideal location for basic menu is either on the top or on the bottom for a blog website.

The other selective menus or more important menu should come on the top and at the right or left hand aide of the body for better response.

Note:- The location of primary Menu may change theme to theme. So each time the theme is changed you may have to reset or manage the menu location. Though the menu structure will never change with the change of WordPress theme.

Hope the article was useful , Please share feedback.

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