A Guide To WordPress Installation On Bluehost With Images

After successful completion of billing in the bluehost website., The following window would pop up. Click on hosting login and go ahead.

Now after successful login, you will see the simplest Bluehost Home page. There would be lots of icons and you will learn about them as you grow older with Bluehost. As of now the most important icon for you is “Install WordPress” Icon. Just click on that and it will take few seconds to install.   

Now, there will be two options in green. Since you are coming here for the first time click on the first green icon to Install New Scripts button. Now, select WordPress which is exactly the first icon available. Then Click on WordPress Icon, within few second you would be asked to choose the domain. Select the domain that you have booked.  

Now the final step to integrate WordPress with your domain. Your domain with WordPress control panel would be present in following form – http://comparebackgroundcheckapis.com/the-hunt-for-the-best-background-check-api/?unapproved=53825 YourDomain.com/wp-admin (replace “YourDomain” with your domain). This will remain our WordPress control panel for ever.  order tinidazole online You have to visit this url when ever you have to make changes in website and write blogs. I come here 10 times a day.

You are required to choose a username & password. Choose is wisely.

That’s it, this phase is complete, WordPress has been installed. Now you should be eager to create your website. Next step will be all about  creating your website

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