How Do Bloggers Get Paid “Top 10 Money Making Sources”

Most of newcomer struggle to get Adsense approval to make money. Not realizing that most of the highly successful bloggers get paid by all other alternatives. Those who have made it big rely on other prominent money making sources. Because most of the other tools have given better returns over the period of time.

There is a small secret tip in money making strategy. Most of these bloggers has become expert enough in this secret. over the period of time. They have developed other money making sources.

The best part is those secrets have been shared by them or by others. This blog would try to bring some of top 10 online money making alternatives for blogs and websites.

It is equally important to understand how much time it takes to make money from a blog or website. I have written a dedicated article on Realistic time taken to make money from a website.

This is how bloggers get paid

How Do Bloggers Get Paid "Top 10 Money Making Sources"

“Top 10 Money Making Sources”

1. Income from third party product sale

Commonly know as Affiliate marketing, The bloggers earn commission when they refer readers to a third party website. Bloggers get paid a part of commision after every sale.

These bloggers use third party products and write reviews about these products and services. Since they have become experts in SEO and online promotion, these reviews often get ranked well in SERP. Visitors read reviews. Few of them click on the affiliated links and land to third party sites. few of them buy the product or services.

The sales follows simple cycle.

X no of Traffic from SEO & Email marketing > Y no of Clicks to third party links > z number of sales.

The commission ranges from 5 % to 60% of the product price. There is not fixed limit though. Here is a snapshot of the commission offered for one of the product.

Just assume, how much a blogger gets paid in case his one blog post with review gets more than 1000 visitors a month.

Earning from Affiliate marketing has been major stream of money for almost every experienced blogger. The actual earning share from affiliate commission differs bloggers to bloggers but is more than 50% of total income with most of the bloggers.

Tip- Affiliate marketing is bit challenging for a new blogger.

2. sale of Ebooks or Freemium blogs

Success of these bloggers has come after a long and extensive research. Some of these bloggers have put all research at one place in form of ebooks. Some call it tutorials, Some call it Tip & Tricks, Some call it Self help guide book etc.

These Ebooks are sold in site website. Some are sold with the help of Email marketing, Some bloggers directly sale it social media. Fewer have published it in Google books or Amazon.

The advantage of Ebooks for the bloggers is that they don’t have to share a part of sale with other. They make a book & sale it from their platform to their readers.

Even if the number of Ebook sales is less than of affiliates sales, The earning per sale is very high.

They try to get more sales by offering few of the information and tips for free. These bloggers provide some basic information and tutorial for free. The detailed and advance version of the topic is contained inside the books.

When a reader find the free information useful enough he tend to purchase the full product. That results in Ebooks sale. These kind of websites or blogs are called Freemium blogs.

3. Direct Ad sales income-

The smart bloggers utilise even a small portion of the website. They sell these unused space  to a company who is ready to showcase its products and services. These ads are put in form of posters, banners & widgets in side website or blogs.

Example- A insurance company would be happy to show its banner if a blog on personal finance have lakhs of visitors a month. Bloggers gets paid on monthly basis or annually basis.

These posters & banners could be generally found at the top ( Header ) Of the few websites.

Direct Ad sales is a perfect side income for a blogs who has some good amount of targeted traffic.

4.Income from Lead sales


There are many bloggers who generate leads in form of contact numbers and email IDs of the interested visitors. They write a good blog on a particular product then ask a visitors to fill in contact details ( Email & Mobile numbers with name) in case the reader want quotes.

These leads are sold to marketers, companies, agents. The bloggers get paid for every lead they collect.

Lead sales is highly popular in the blog niche related to insurance, travel, rentals, real estate,academic & membership related field.

Lead sales are more prevalent in geographies like US, UK & Australian as the conversion per lead is high.

5. Google Adsense income-


Nothing to write more on this as it is already a popular & common money making source for blogs. Many live and die to get approval for from Google adsense. Read How to get Google Adsense Approval quickly (My Own Experience)

Google Adsense is most trusted and regular way to monetize traffic in a blog. It is the first source of income for most of the beginners in blogging.

In my view, At the start there is nothing wrong to earn from google adsense program. It will teach you lot of things when you apply for it. Specially how to write a quality content.

Once you get some traffic and earn few bucks from Google adsense, Then it is advised to try all other alternatives explained above and mentioned below to get paid well.

6. Alternate to google adsense –

Those who struggle to get approval from Google Adsense make money from Chitika. Many bloggers not only earn from Google they also make money from Infolinks, Viglink, clickbank etc. There are many website or blog those gave more than 500000 visitors per month. They make more more ( or earn additional money) with Outbrain & Taboola.

7.Getting paid by blog writing for other website or blogs-

The bloggers who are good at generating a high quality content write for others as well. They get paid for writing per blog. It is also a good source of income when you are struggling with your own website to make money.

There are websites who pay $10 to $200 per blog post. A successful blogger gets paid around 10 times of a normal blogger.

Tip- Blog writing for other for money us good for short term. If you want to play long and have long term perspective then be less dependent on this option. Create your own brand.


Success in blogging brings more money.


8. Consulting

Blogging in nothing but a form of content marketing. In order to market blog these bloggers slowly  become expert in all aspect of content marketing.  They use full potential of SEO, Content marketing, Social Marketing, Email marketing & Podcast to generate traffic.

These successful bloggers are also paid for when someone seeks advice from them. There are companies who look for experts to do 360* of online marketing of their website.

According to information in public domain, the consulting sometimes give up to $10000 per job.

9. Get paid for Public Speaking-

Few of the bloggers are good at public speaking. They are invited to speak and share their experience with group of people.  The famous bloggers are handsomely paid for public speaking & guest lectures.

10. Getting paid for reselling or shareasale –

This mode of money making is less adapted but is a effective way of making money. Some of the loggers enter in a partnership with an big affiliate of a product. These bloggers share the commission earned from sales generated together.

In this process together they are able to negotiate a higher commission from a product owners.

The conclusion

The above are some of the common and widely used source of making money from blog.  Depending upon the niche and success level of the bloggers, money making techniques may be different.

It is easier to make money when you have good traffic. Then you can experiment with all other options. Till then keep focusing on building a good blog, keep attracting new visitors and keep getting them come back.

The all famous and successful bloggers have done that and doing it continuously.

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    Nice thought on getting paid.
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      Hi Sachet,
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      Earning from Amazon for a blogger is more or less kind of Affiliate earning.
      Yes Youtube is another way to earn money. For me it is altogether a different channel for online income.

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