How Long Should A Blog Post Be : Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO

As we all know Google never publicly discloses what  algorithm it exactly uses to pick websites in its search engine results. All we know is that Google changes its algorithm time to time to show best matching, most relevant sites for better customer experience. It looks for multiple factors while giving priority is listing such as age of post, domain authority, quality of content including length, use of keywords, back links to site,  social signals, location & speed of the site etc.  So any one, including me, claiming to know the ideal blog post length to get google first rank would not be 100 % accurate.

Having said that, few experts, experienced & successful bloggers, have talked and written about the ideal length of a blog post for SEO to get higher Google search engine ranking. This article will guide you to know –

How long should a blog post be for SEO?

What is a good, average, optimal and best blog post length for SEO?

How Long Should A Blog Post Be : Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO The conclusion before start – To be very straight, 2000 to 3000 words is somewhat every one is claiming to be Ideal blog post length to improve SEO in long run that impress google to give your site weightage considering all other factors of SEO is worked upon well.

I endorse the idea of writing a blog post with 2000 or more words because of the below proven points-

1. Most of the sites ranking of the google first page have more then 2000 words. Even   buy modafinil spain Jayson DeMers in his article in Forbes has hinted that this may be the ideal length of a blog post as to cover the topic comprehensively to get SEO advantage in 2017.


2. A well written & Interesting blog post with more then 2000 words certainly keeps a reader engaged for greater time and co-amoxiclav uk increases average time spend on your website. It is another important factor for SEO and google does consider it as a good signal.

3. Neil Patel, Another successful blogger has talked about this and have mentioned that writing a blog post with 3000 words will increase the authority of your domain and thus help you to gain better search engine ranking.

4. A well written and engaging article or blog post with more then 2000 words will certainly impresses serious readers and will increase social sharing , and will increase back links as more and more people are likely to recommend it. Back links are, any way one of the important SEO factor.
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5. Last but not least-  “There is difference between advice and guidance.” A smaller blog post is like only advice but a comparatively larger page covering almost every aspect of the topic works as a guide book. A guide book will certainly find more serious readers.

The summary – A blog post with
Word count >2000 has better search engine ranking
Word count >2000 has better social sharing
Word Count >2000 generates more back links
Word Count >2000 has more average time spend by a user
Word Count >2000 will add up domain authority
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