10 Minutes Guide To Make Money Making Blog [For Newcomers]

Yes you can cheap antabuse online make money making blog 10 minutes. All you need to give a dedicated & focussed reading for next 10 minutes. In last few years I have created many websites, Initially it took me more than one hours. Those learnings are put together in this blog to help my readers and save precious time.

10 Minutes Guide To Make Money Making Blog [For Newcomers]

It is particularly written for the starters in blogging however a regular blogger may find few useful tips as well.

What more, you really don’t need to know the technicality of website building. I mean even if you don’t know the website making languages like html, java, php etc. don’t worry.  It is not required. The technological advancement has made life of bloggers much easier. Let’s learn

How to Make Money Making Blog in 10 Minutes


buy roisotretinoin isotretinoin 1. Choose a blog topic ( A Niche ) : -For me, Choosing niche for money making blog took a lot of time and that may not be case with you. Well if you are ready with a topic and you are good with writing Then jumpt to point two directly.

If you are not ready with the topic, you must go through with this blog so that you can keep yourself ready for future blogging . Trust me,  you would not lose anything. My other blog  http://bandarsbobet.pro/1627-dte19187-women-seeking-man-detroti.html How to Find Profitable Blog Niche to Make Money will be helpful in finding the right blog niche that makes money.

What I truly believe that some of us are really gifted.  Some of us have deep knowledge about a subject, activities, sports, hobby etc. Even if you are not one of them , you can still make a lot of money from internet. I know very well and believe in the fact that-

look at this site “One don’t need to be a expert to make a money making blog. You just need to be passionate about it.”

2. Choose a Domain Name :  It is a fact that a blog can be started without a domain name. There are many platform like blogspot.com, WordPress.com, Tumbler etc where you can start a blog website without domain.

These Websites will have all the advantage except for one major advantage that is SEO. It is highly recommended to start a blog with a individual domain. You blog with individual domain will have following undisputed advantages-

for assistance on domain selection, read 3 Tips for Choosing A Domain Name for SEO & More Traffic and How To Choose A Domain Name “8 Critical Q&A”.

The thumb rule – Don’t be cheap, invest a little in domain. It will further improve the branding of your blog.

What more, There are many hosting plan that give domain for free. Why not use that.

Tips on domain selection :- If you want to play hard in long run, If you really think that you want to make it big then Choose a domain that should be easy to remember .

3. Choose the Right blogging Platform :– The blogging platform are simple tools that will build your website. Consider them as a steering wheel of the the car. As it happens in driving, you don’t really need to know how engine works to generate power to drive the car. You just need to be good with steering, clutch, brake and gear.

Similarly you just need to be good with blogging  platform. It will result in a world class website or blogging website and can make money for you.

There are many blogging platform like blogger , WordPress etc  that can be chose to start a blog website. Do not confuse yourself with too much detailing about the blogging platform. WordPress is best blogging platform for lot many reason specially to make money making Blog. The following article will help you to decide which blogging platform would be best for you-


4. Choose a host & right hosting plan: You need to have a reliable server that will give space to host your website. In other words there are many hosting companies that are ready to host your website at smaller premium. A hosting plan depends upon how many visitors you are expecting and what may be the size of the blog.

Again do not confuse yourself. Start with a basic WordPress self hosted plan. You will always have option to upgrade it.

Few well known wordpress website hosting providers are-

The above are one of the popular & international hosts that you can consider. A simple WordPress hosting plan with free domain would cost you around 30-50$ for a year.

check of the bluehost wordpress self hosting plan with free domain-

As soon as you buy a basic package you will be asked to start your WordPress website and you will be asked to choose a theme. At starting, do not think too much about the themes. Select any basic theme to start website and do basic customization. Don’t worry the basic themes can be changed and customized multiples times for free.

Read-How To Change WordPress Theme on Live Website

5.  Posting Your First Blog Post ( Creating Content ):– Now make your fingers work more. Let your mind get the work done with your hands. Write write and write. Produce a blog post that gives a complete and thorough knowledge of the subject. Moreover a blog post should be easy to read, should be helpful for reader.

Maintain a minimum of 500 hundred words limit per blog post. I would recommend to write 10 to 15 blog post even before purchasing domain and buying a hosting plan. Blogging is a continuous process. Some blogger post daily blogs some post on weekly basis. Some do it on monthly basis.

I would recommend to write 20- 30 blog a month or more initially to build a big 100- 200 website as soon as possible.

Read- Ultimate tip to write a impressive blog post

That’s it , till this step you have successfully created a website. I would say that almost 70 % of the work is done as far as starting is concern. The next few steps with further improvise your website and help you earn money from blogging.

6. Building a World Class Blog Website :Yes world class is the right parameter that you should follow while building a blog website. A world class site has good structures layout that helps a reader to lean more. It has customers engagement tools, sharing tools in it. The top class categories are easily visible and topics can be easily searched. More over it talks about a visitors benefit first then your benefits. Useful Read  :-

7. Market the Blog ( get more traffic without investment) :- Now since you have created a world class blog website, you need more and more visitors or traffic . Without visitors or traffic there is hardly any way to make money from a blog website .Traffic can be categorized in many ways and in order to get traffic from each category you have to market the blog differently.

Read –

Traffic from Organic search ( Google , Yahoo , Bing) – This is the bread and butter for every new and established blogging website. That comes from search engines. you need to learn some basic SEO tips and tricks to get traffic from organic search. Important Read-

Search Engine Optimization Technique

I Want My Website to Appear First on Google

The following three types of traffics are less in numbers but are very significant, Marketing for below traffic further increases you SEO and you get preferred on search engines and get more Organic traffic.

  • Traffic from Social Network – Market your blog to social networking sites like Facebook , google plus, Twitter, linked in, Instagram etc to get traffic from social network.
  • Direct Traffic :- The beginners will initially find it hard to get direct visitors due to low branding, low recall value and lack of email marketing skills. Do not loose hope. Just keep it in mind that you have to do all those things to get direct money, Do it after you have done all other promotion work.
  • Referral Traffic :- Referrals traffics are less in numbers but are very significant. It can come with some expert commenting on popular forums.

In in order to make a complete money making blog get more & more all above traffic.

7. Making Money from Blog Website:- Now you have a world class blogging site and you learned how to get traffic into your blog website. Now the last but the most important phase – earning from blogging, making Money from Website, Getting returns on all smart work you have done. The Blogger community call it Magnetization.


How to make money from website or Blog

There are many ways to make money from blog or website. Few very popular and successful ways to make money has been mentioned below-

Google AdSense:– Google shows adds of it customers in your blog, Few of many visitors may click on the add and you get paid out of it. Read

Affiliate Marketing :– Find a marketer who sells the product related to your blog. Make a deal with him to get referral commission on each sale made when you send referral your blog to his website. This is done by putting his site link in your blog post.

Banner Display :-You can sell banner space to any of the interested party. Get paid monthly of annually.

Lead generation ( CML) You can ask you visitors to share the contact details to offer them quotes related to your blog topic. Sell the contact details to companies those may be interested in these lead. You can get paid for each lead.

There are lot more ways to monetize a blog to earn money the above are the basics. A money making blog can have multiple ways or earning. There more more then 10 ways of making money from blog.

I would suggest a new blogger to first rely on Google AdSense for revenue in early days to make money from blog . Reason earning  from Google AdSense means successful blog website creation. It will teach you lot of other things that you may have been missing.

Hope the blog was useful, Share feedback and tell us what else you want to know.

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