How To Host Blogspot (Blogger) Blog or Website in an Individual Domain

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dutas price india The best part of Blogspot ( blogging platform is that a website or blog in it can be hosted in an individual domain for free. This is the single largest reason for beginners opting for Blogspot (Blogger). This blog will be a guide for you to learn To Host Blogspot (Blogger) Blog or Website in an Individual Domain (Top level domain). You would additionally learn –

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  • What could be the possible errors while linking your domain with blog on blogspot.
  • How could domain hosting error in blogspot be resolved.
  • Precautions and tips to host blogspot blog in an individual domain.
  • What are the advantage of hosting a blogspot or website in an individual domain

Steps to Host Blogspot (Blogger) Blog or Website in an Individual Domain

Step 1.  nizoral shampoo uk boots Book a domain – If you have already booked the domain then quickly jump to step 2. If not then first book a domain.
Hot Tip- SEO starts with even before domain registration. Few of my other blogs would serve you a guide and will be very useful in this context. Remember, SEO is very important to get organic traffic & visitors from search engines (the main source of traffic to any website).

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Step 2. Setting up licab xl price individual domain in your blogspot blog or website – Follow the simple path, login to blogger > Choose the property ( If you have more then one) > Go to settings > and then click on basic > Come to publishing > Click onSet up a third-party URL for your blog” .You would be able to see page just as shown in below image from blogspot. Now type in the domain.

Host Blogspot (Blogger) Blog or Website in an Individual Domain
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:-  Use the top level domain ( A domain with www, like, it is the complete domain. If you type in domain without www the following message would come-

Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains (ex: Please add a top-level domain ( or subdomain (


Step 3 – Authenticate the your  benadryl uk price ownership of domain  – In order to link blog on blogpost to individual domain, Blogspot would ask you to verify the ownership of the domain first. There are many ways of authentication. I am going to explain the provigil price two best way to authenticate domain ownership, explained one by one. The follow screen will pop up after step 2 and it will show two CNAMEs-


vigamox eye drops price in pakistan Tips- It is advised to verify the domain before trying to host website on blogspot to individual domain. It will save some time.  Even if you have not done it continue with the article. I would guide you.

CNAMEs of Domain

kamagra oral jelly paypal australia First method to verify the domain ownership– Authenticate the ownership by signing into the domain name provider (host of the domain) – There are three simple steps to this.
  1. Chose the host of your individual domain(Host of the domain means the website from where you have booked the domain, may be godaddy, bigrock, or anything else). Blogpost/ Google would give list of almost every register here.
  2. Enter the user ID and the password of domain name provide.
  3. In case it is entered correctly, The success message from google would come up confirming that you have verified ownership of domain.

Domain Verification Method- Domain Name Provider

Post verification repeat the step 2 again with verified domain. At this time your blogspot blog should be pepcid two uk linked to individual domain instantly. In case domain is not linked to blogspot then try second method.

zithromax z pak cost Second method – Alternatively or if the above mentioned method fails then you can host blogspot website or blog manually using sporanox price domain name provider control panel. It is easy as well. In order to do it manually first note down the CNAMEs from blogspot as shown in image above captioned as “CNAMs of Domain”. These are two lines, basically two CNAMEs with two fields-  confido mrp price “Host”  & “Points to”
Now open the control panel of domain name provide of domain host and find the sporanox order online cpanel. The location may be different for different host. Try to find where the Cnames are managed. It typically looks like this –

Type in the two CNAMEs from Blogspot, Delete others and save. In typically 2-5 minutes blogspot would be able to link individual domain to your blog or website on blogger.

These two method are best way to host Blogspot (Blogger) Blog or Website in an Individual Domain or to top level domain.


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