How to Increase Mobile App Downloads For iOS Android

There are n number of ways to Increase Mobile App Downloads for iOS and Android. Whether you hire a mobile app marketing agency or company or you do in house marketing you need to understand that some mobile application promotional strategies may require fund, Where as there are many mobile app promotions that you can do in house that do not require funds or expenditure. Then come the development part, Whether you promote mobile app or not you need to keep developing it with the trends and technological advancement to keep face and save your app from extinction.

buy gabapentin australia In order to Increase Mobile App Download, this blog will help you :-

1. To identify the types of Mobile Application Marketing strategies

2. To understand how to increase the mobile app download accordingly

All mobile app promotional & marketing strategies can be grouped in three categories

1. Non paid promotion
2. Paid Promotion

3. Mobile App Improvements

Lets understand one by one :-

Non paid promotion of Mobile app 

I have seen crazy marketers spending lot on advertisement for marketing in order to increase mobile app downloads and getting less app download. It some times gets costly because of in appropriate fund a location and bad cost analysis. My own experience says that you don’t need to do lot of spending. Some smart promotional work and a little bit of investment can increase download. Save that money by implementing the following app download tips and invest those savings in improving the quality of mobile app. I have tried to include both traditional and non traditional ways to market the mobile app.

Use Face book to market mobile app :-Increase the mobile app penetration in social media fans and visitors, put app download link to your Facebook page. Find screen shot 
Increase Mobile App Downloads


Improvise Website to push mobile app download:– put app download link most in most accessible part of the site. Show a pop up message to ask visitor to download the mobile app.
Pop Up for Mobile App download :- Use a push pop up asking the customer to download mobile app.

Use Existing SMS as app marketing channel :- Put app download link in regular SMS sent to customer. A lot of SMS is sent to customers related to transactions, tracking, wishing new year or any other festivals etc. Put app download link in every possible SMS.
Market app with Email signature  :- App download link should be at the header of the email template. If not feasible at header put it at the signaure of the emailer sent to customer.

Business cards :-It may not drive you a large number of mobile downloads but  you must talk about the app download physically as well. Put miss call number to download app in the business cards as well.

Paid Promotion of mobile app


Missed calls Service :- Start miss call app download service, when a customer give a miss call in that number a SMS should be sent to him with app download link.

Freebies:- offers some freebies, additional discount, free membership for few days, any add on for free on the mobile usage and first time download of the mobile app.

Promotion to Sale team :-Give incentives to sales team or customer servicing team if his to her customer download the app. Run a internal campaign and award top performer who has the best number of mobile app downloads.  You can Run App download campaign withing company.


Audio & Visual promotion of mobile app :- When planning for a full fledged outdoor marketing campaign, make mobile app a integral part of  it and offer something that can be only availed with use of mobile app.

Mobile app improvements also results in increasing mobile app downloads :- When ever you upgrade it , give a in app notification or pop up message that should talk about what it should be upgraded. Talk what the customer would looses in case of no update. In order to Increase Mobile App Downloads do not software very frequently. Most frequent activity should be most easiest thing to do .

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