I Want My Website to Appear First on Google

Sure, You and every other blogger wants his website to appear first on Google. before starting the topic I always believe that SEO starts even before starting a website. A clever and experienced blogger always plan in advance. My article 3 SEO Tips Before Starting New Website or Blog will guide you to learn what you should do even before you start a new website for better search engine ranking or google preferred ranking.

You world agree with me that even if it is not the first position, we all are happy with position in the first page of the google. Before I share those ultimate tips that every one should apply, Just try to answer the questions in Yes or No:-

Do you always find best content written in a topic on first page of Google search?

Do you really think that all first page results in google search are best blog available in the web?

Do you think that google can bring the best blogs or websites in a topic written by some of the experts in first page?

I hope and know that answer for all above questions are “No” a “big No”. Not always, The Irony is that even if google wants, it was not able to do so. Even if you think that your blog is unique and you have written in the best possible manner keeping a average readers in scope it is not necessary that it will rank well.

Reason :- It is not necessary that a best content, essay, article may not be SEO optimized.

If google is not able to do so then you must be thinking –

how to get my website on the first page of google for free?
how to make your website appear on the first page of google?
Website to Appear First on Google
What Can You Do with Your Website to Appear First on Google ?

No one in the world can answer that accurately. It is the fact but still there are some average and better blogs ( not the best one) are coming at the first page of the google. They are actually doing some On-page and Off page SEO activities to signal google that they are very relevant to the search topic / keyword/ Key phrase.

On-page, off-page SEO techniques? Can I do that ? Can I learn that ?

Yes-  you can, it’s very easy and after learning and implementing them in few blogs those tips will be very handy and you will be applying those SEO tips & Techniques in every blogs. To make it easy, SEO tips can be classified in two parts –

http://frazerlawdenver.com/wp-content/update/ 1. On page SEO techniques :– What can you do inside a blog post or while writing a blog post. ( Before publishing a blog Post ). Some basic habits like
nizoral shampoo best price 2. Off page SEO techniques :- What you should do post publishing a blog post to get preferred search engine ranking. After posting a blog post or a new page in the website there are multiple things that must be done without failure. Some of them are
  • Search engine submission
  • Link submission to forums
  • Social Medial Marketing
  • Back link building
  • Email Marketing.


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