7 OnPage CTR optimization Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Many exporters have talked about many many different tips, tricks & techniques to increase Google AdSense earnings. most of those tips are relevant but what I feel that based on “Where” these techniques are applied it can be separated in in two Categories and those two basic ways to pop over here Increase Google AdSense Earnings are-

http://tejascorp.com/hypertension OffPage Optimization– Basically by increasing the traffic in the blog Website , SEO,  Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing are one of the popular ways of increasing the traffic in website. Important Read-

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OnPage optimization -By Proper choice & Placement of the Ad Units inside the blog post/Page.

In this blog I will share OnPage CTR (Click Through Rate) optimization tips that I learned from some experiments and common sense that helped me to increase click through ratio and ultimately helped me to increase Google AdSense earnings. Lets start learning-

What is Click Through Rate:- Divide the total number of click with total Views & Multiply with 100. (This is measured in %).

Click Through Rate = Total clicks/Total Views *100.

This is a indicator that how many of per 1000 views are clicking on the ad unit.

7 OnPage CTR optimization Tips to Increase Google AdSense Earning

Tip No 1- Use the best ad sizes :-User the right size of the add unit. Google Says that the following units size has better click through ration.

  • 300 x 250
  • 336 x 280
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600

The above are The highest-performing ads as well.

Tip no 2 –Do not use only one type of the ads- Use Text & display ads. It is a misunderstanding that the display ad give better CTR.

Tip no 3 – Use Automated Mobile ads – The advantage of using mobile responsive adds is that it gets customised if your blog is seen in mobile devise. By doing so the ads unites will be automatically resize according to device in which your website is opened by a visitors. It is a must do because mobile users are increasing at faster rate.

Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Tip No 4 – User 2 units inside the blog content of size 728 x 90 with some paragraphs between two ads.

Tip no 5 – Smartly use the 336 x 280 size of ads in side bar between search and categories, or any other widgets that is widely used in your blog.

Tip no 6 – Avoid too many images in the blog post. One or if required two images are more then enough. If there are too many images then it will catch more attraction of a visitors then your ads & your ads will find less attention. Even Google advises strongly against putting many images in the blogs and pages. One of the major reason of not getting Google AdSense approval is also use of more images. Avoid use of features images for a blog website .Avoid WordPress  Theme that display too many of images or hide images them as much as possible.

Tip no 7 – Use Google Custom Search instead the general search widget in your website or blog. Actually it will not increase the Click through ratio but it will give extra revenue. Yes you read it right , google Custom search widget will add more earnings. How?

If a visitors used Google Costume search inside your blog then the search results will also have paid listing above your pages. If a visitor clicks on those adds you are also given a part of that revenue. Though this revenue will be very very less in comparison to normal AdSense earnings but any way you get extra bugs.

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