How to Increase Repeat Visitors in Website : 5 Killer Tips (Tried & Tested)

In order to monetize for a blog or a website you need to constantly you could try this out increase repeat visitors. Because the amount of money made from a blog or a website is a direct preposition of number of visitors (New as well as repeat ) or number of users. You may know that visitors are of two types – New visitor and repeat visitors.

This blog will guide you to increase repeat visitors or help you to get more repeat visitors as this is also very important indicator of your site worthiness. A good amount of returning visitors are also a good & positive signal to search engine. Good number of repeat visitors in website does increase your SEO score.

rumalaya forte buy online What is a repeat visitor in a website :- In a layman language if a visitor comes to your website form the same devise he had visited earlier after a duration , then it will be called a repeat visitor.

One Clarification -Let’s assume he visited your side from his mobile then after some time he visits from his laptop the he is not a repeat visitor for Google.

Why repeat visitors in website are so important :- Though Google has never clarified that how much importance he gives to repeat visitor numbers in website for SEO and for ranking in search results ( Google always does that ) but many bloggers whose website are well ranked have claimed certain good number of repeat visitors. Any way, going by the common sense,

A good number if repeat visitors in a website means :-


  • Your website is more likely to be referred by repeat visitors, more likely to be shared in social media and groups resulting in more new customers or targeted customers
  • Your website has useful content and help a visitor
  • New visitors with less efforts due to passive marketing by repeat visitors
  • Greater level of conversion or sale of your products/ AdSense earnings
  • More opportunity to make money from website

How to Increase Repeat Visitors in WebsiteIncrease Repeat Visitors

It is important to make a new visitor come again to your website. You know very well how hard you had to work to improve SEO factor of your website to get new visitors, it is really important and critical to increase repeat visitors in you website by making a new visitor come again . how to do that, please find few tips may increase repeat visitors :-

1. Content is a king :– There is no better thing that a “good”,  “useful” and “to the point content”. If visitors find value in your blog, they see quality in writing, content , facts and logic they tend to come back. Either to read and understand topic again or to search other topics related to your blog because they were impressed with your blog they visited first.

What can you to make a content attractive and what can you do to increase quality of content-

A. Never ever copy from some where else. Even if many blogs have been written in topic and subject you should always write with novelty. Write something that has not been written, or have been missed out by other writers or have not been presented well.

B. Add value :- A well researched blog that almost cover every aspect of the subject is always appreciated. Invest some time in research and find out facts, and show them appropriately, a reader should go back with more then he would have wanted.

C. Smart Presentation of Content :-Gentle use of image, videos, edited screen shots, graphs are welcome move. These makes content more attractive.

D. Just to mention , grammar, spellings and right use of language is inevitable.

E. It is a proven facts that a blog with good use of Bullet points, Paragraphs, headings and steps are read, understood and remembered for long time. Use them every time.

2. Show more related and useful content :- Recent post, features post, Popular post, Related post, if not all, few of these must be visible to give a impression that there is more content in your website that a visitor may check in future. It indirectly reduces the bounce rate as well and would directly increase repeat visitors in website.

3. Category and Tags : Use of category has been highly underrated as far as user engagement and repeat user targeting is concerned. Categories are right way of showcasing the variety and relevance your website has. Tags makes your website rich in information. A new visitor is likely to remember the categories of your blog in case presented and showcased well.

4. Email marketing / Increase in Subscriptions :– The most effective way to get long term and constant repeat visitors. The number of repeats are direct preposition of number of email subscription.

5. Comments Management :- You should be attentive to content. I mean to say a proper reply or addressing issues raised via comments is a best customer engagement technique. It also reduces bounce rate and increase repeats visitors in website.

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    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Plz reply back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know wheere u got this from. thanks

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      Whatever I learn on “Making A Website/Blog from Scratch” has been written or being written in this blog. Follow the blog regularly.

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