Independent Review Of Top 9 WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers

Most of the traditional shared web hosting providers have started offering WordPress Cloud Hosting which is basically a combination of Cloud Hosting with wordpress . WordPress as we know, is  widely accepted website creation tool and cloud is a latest technology in hosting space. In this article, we would try to bring some of the best of managed wordpress cloud hosting providers. This would be and independently review to help you choose cloud hosting for wordpress website of your choice.


Kinsta bluehost cloudways hostgator dreamhost digitalocean Independent Review Of Top WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers

Top WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers – An Independent Review

Every cloud hosting provider would claim about being best. We would review these hosting providers based on following parameters-
Packages & Price – The starting price of the packages
Freebies– What kind of free stuff & services are part of package. Or in other words, what is provided for free.
Additional features – Presence of any specific features that is hard to find with others.

Suitability– Which segment of customer should opt the wordpress cloud hosting provider.

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1. Bluehost CloudSites (Managed WordPress on cloud hosting platform by Bluehost)-

Bluehost is one of the oldest and best known website hosting provider. It has come up with cloud sites that enables you to create your wordpress website on cloud hosting platform with some easy click.

Review of Bluehost cloud hosting-

  • Bluehost is best for starters & Small business business websites. It offers one click wordpress installs which makes it easier for everyone to adapt.
  • There is 30 day money back guarantee that is a lot of protection I guess.
  • You get one free domain for a year as well. Please note that price of domain is adjusted in case you take your money back under money back guarantee program.
  • Bluehost cloud sites are one of the cheapest cloud hosting so far and yet provide lots of features. The basic Bluehost wordpress cloud hosting package starts at as low as $3.95/month. Bluehost offers three type of cloud hosting packages. It’s pricing is suitable for starters, small business, e-commerce startups etc..
  • Bluehost tutorials is another advantage if you get wordpress hosting from Bluehost. They have produced easy-to-understand wordpress tutorials in form of videos and blogs. It will help you setup wordpress with cloud hosting and create your website on wordpress cloud.
  • If you already have a shared hosting, then Bluehost automated migration will make the transfer to Bluehost cloud server more easier.
 BWT rating- 4.5/5

Click here to know more (in detail) about Bluehost Cloud Sites (Managed wordpress on cloud server).

2. Hostgator managed cloud hosting
Another good option for beginners, Small business, Professional, Business  & hobby bloggers who want to create wordpress website on cloud hosting platform. Hostgator is already popular name in entry level shared website hosting space. They have come up with with all new cloud hosting solution for wordpress websites.
Review of Hostgator cloud service for WordPress-
  • The hostgator packages for wordpress cloud hosting starts at Rs 475/month for US based server & Rs 575/month for Indian based server location . It also offers three plans depending upon your need.
  • The best part of Hostgator is that it provide unmetered bandwidth and unlimited space.
  •  Hostgator also provides auto backup with one click restore
  • Hostgator is one of the closest competitor of Bluehost.

BWT Rating- 4/5

Click here to know more about Hostgator WordPress cloud hosting service.


3. Cloud hosting by Cloudways

Cloudways is specialised cloud hosting provider. So far, Cloudways is best managed cloud hosting platform for businesses. I would say it is the biggest aggregator. Cloudway is actually a reseller of 6 very popular player in cloud hosting domain such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services & Digital Ocean etc..

We have already dedicated an article on Advantages of cloudways cloud hosting. It will be a good guide for you, the brief is as follows.

Review of Cloudways cloud hosting solution-

Multiple Choice of data centers -You have plenty of Data center to choose as Cloudway is a reseller of following cloud hosting providers Google Cloud Platform, Vultr, Amazon web services,  Digitalocean.

Custom cloud hosting plan– Cloud ways also offers customised cloud hosting plan. You can make your own cloud hosting package . This is a unique feature of cloudways that other hosting provider are missing.

Free first Website migration -What makes cloudways the best managed wordpress cloud hosting provider is because first website migration is free with cloudways. You can do Unlimited migration with wp wordpress plugin as well.

Free Trial for 3 Days– If you are new and want to experience the power of cloud computing then try 3 days free cloud hosting yourself.  What more, You can try without credit card.  Start free trial now

Free SSL certification – With cloudways managed wordpress hosting you get free SSL certification so that you make your website more secure for the financial transactions. Cloudways is optimised for high speed & security.

The basic package of cloudways cloud hosting starts at $30 per month.

BWT rating – 4/5

4. Cloud solution by Digitalocean for WordPress websites

Digital ocean in well known name in VPS domain. They are trusted by many enterprises. Hence digital ocean is another best for business and enterprises. Digital ocean cloud hosting packages is mainly for mid level companies and big corporates.

These are following advantages of Digitalocean

  • Free Migration -It offers free migration services which is the unique things about digital ocean.
  • Try free for two month – Digitalocean provider  longest free trial for two month
  • There are many pancakes for an enterprise
  • Price- 1gb CPU with 25GB SSD space cost you only  5$ per month
  • Tutorials & community -56 wordpress tutorial by contributor (and increasing) on wordpress related websites building

BWT rating- 4.5/5 ( Digital ocean is best competitor of Bluehost for WordPress cloud hosting ).

Click here to know more about Digitalocean

5. Siteground cloud hosting

Siteground is only for mid level or big enterprises. Siteground is made for companies and business. Even if you are a service provider who develop services for companies then siteground is best solution for you.

Some important benefits of Siteground cloud hosting –

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free 7 daily offsite backup
  • Free dedicated IP address – this is a unique offering, very attractive for businesses
  • Package starts from $80 per month

 BWT rating 4/5 ( For enterprises perspective)

6. Kinsta WordPress hosting powered by Google cloud platform (GCP)
Kinta’ wordpress solution is based on Google cloud platform and this is best part of it. You get word class cloud hosting from non other than Google. Which is far more reliable, consistent and secure. However, Kinsta is not a good option for entry level wordpress cloud hosting seeker.
The other feature of the kinsta managed wordpress cloud hosting is-
  • Free ssl certificate– with all cloud hosting packages for website
  • Price -Google Cloud Platform with wordpress Starts from $30 per month which is a good option for mid level businesses
  • One Free migration – Not included in basic plan, Free migration is offered with second level of package named as pro  costing $60 per month.

BWT rating 4.5/5 from business perspective. Click here to explore more about kinsta hosting

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7 WPengine cloud hosting for WordPress websites

I must say that it is a good alternative to Kinsta. WP engine offers pre designed as well as custom cloud hosting solution which is more suitable for For high traffic, large business and mission-critical sites. Wp Engine will offer dedicated Account manager with its customer cloud hosting services.

WPengine cloud service at a glance-

  • Price -Plan starts at $29/month
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Risk free period -Risk free for 60 days.
  • Custom Cloud solution
BWT rating- 4/5
8. Web Hosting on Cloud is relatively less known website hosting provider. But is is highly appreciated by its existing client.

Main features of InterServer Web hosting is –

  • Its Standard web hosting is on cloud hosting platform
  • A basic plan starts as $5 per month with is also fall in affordable cloud hosting category
  • This is the only cloud web hosting company that offers Price lock guarantee. That means the price that you pay at the time of first purchase will remain same for lifetime. Click here to know more about InterSever’s Price lock guarantee offer.
  • It also offers free website migration
  • Customer can get money back within 30 day of purchase if they are not satisfied.
  • This is one of new companies that offers monthly payment option as well

It is again a good option for bloggers and small business.

Read – Detailed review of InterServer Web hosting with cloud platform

BWT rating 4.5/5 

9 Bigrock cloud hosting 

Bigrock is not a new name in website hosting industry. It is a household name as far as domain registration is concerned. It is a no surprise that bigrock is also providing wordpress cloud hosting services.

The man features of Bigrock cloud hosting is as follows-

  • Bigrock has two data centers, One is in US and another one is in India
  • It has two type of cloud hosting plans
  • the basis cloud hosting starts at as low as Rs 399 per month ( either on US or for indian server)
  • Recommended -The cloud hosting plan for business starts at as low as Rs 499 per month. suitable for website with 25000 visitors a month.
  • Bigrock cloud hosting has one one click install service for apps like wordpress and many others
  • Click here to know more about Bigrock cloud hosting

BWT rating 4/5

The winner- There is not clear winner. I know this is very straight but it is true. Because your hosting need is unique. Having said that, Hosting requirement can be categorized in few segments to make decision making quick. Following are the few segment of website hosting  with appropriate service provider.

WordPress Cloud Hosting with Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates adds extra security layer to your website users. Of late, it is known that sites with SSL certificates gets some additional SEO advantage.

Whether you are migrating your existing website to cloud or setting up a new wordpress website on cloud hosting platform. It is always a good deal to search out for the hosting package that offers SSL certificate with cloud hosting.

Following the WordPress cloud hosting providers offering free SSL certificates with wordpress hosting plan-

WordPress Cloud Hosting with Free Website Migration

As You know sooner or later, Most of the hosting services would be only on the cloud hosting platform. This indicates that sooner or later you would be opting for cloud hosting. Why should you not be. Cloud platform has every advantage that a website must have.

If you buy a cloud hosting services for your next or new wordpress website then setting up is not at all difficult. It is business as usual. In addition, You may read – How to create your wordpress website in cloud hosting platform

If you want to migrate your existing website to cloud platform then you have two option-

Option one- Buy a Cloud hosting package of your choice and migrate your website yourself. This could be a good learning but at times there are chances of failure. Which may lead to website downtime of loss of data.

Option two – (Highly recommended) You can buy a hosting plan that offers free migration services. Many of the above hosting providers provide one time free migration  services. Though We have mentioned them above, for the ease of reader we will list them again-

The below three WordPress cloud hosting providers provide free migration from basis hosting packages –

Where as kinsta offers free migration from its second hosting plan ( Pro Plan) that starts with $60 per month. Bluehost has an automated website migration tool. Click here to know more about Bluehost automated website migration.



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