5 Indicators That Decide When To Quit Full-time Job To Make Blogging A Career

Lots of bloggers are doing blogging as part time hobby or waiting for a right time to quit full-time job to make blogging a career.

The frequent aks question is to when to quit a full-time job to start blogging as a full time career.

This blog would share 4 mathematically quantified indicators that will help you to decide when is the right time for you to leave your full-time job to make career in blogging.

5 Indicators That Decide When To Quit Full-time Job To Make Blogging A Career

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Why these blogging  indicators are prominent and important? –

-These blogging indicators can nearly access your financial position and give a trigger point to quit your job. So as to reduce the financial risk and to help you to calculated financial cushion required at the time of quitting job.
Remember –

http://associatestitleservices.com/yYuM Quitting full time job for blogging should not be an emotional decision, it should be a calculated risk.


-These blogging  indicators also gives a critical glimpse of your blogging skills. You may not be master of all blogging tips and tricks, but there are few blogging skills critical for survival.

Let’s learn when can you can quit your full time job to make blogging a career.

hydroxychloroquine buy online 1. When you have back up for 1 year expenses:- Making money from blogging is time taking process. A blog does not generates money overnight.
One of my blog that talks about “time taken by a blog to make money” has realistic thoughts by one if the iconic blogger Dareen. He has clearly cautioned the bloggers to not to be impulsive about it.
before you to decide the right time to quit full-time job, first start making some money from blogging.Read- How top bloggers get paid (Top 10 money making sources )

This means blogging should be started along with the full-time job. Blogging should actually be a part time activity till you reach to a specific level. learn to find time to write a blog with full-time job.

Meanwhile save enough to take care of your expenses for a year. Then follow second tip.

2.  When 50% of your monthly income is already coming from blogging – This is the best time to quit a full time job and make blogging a career.  You can comfortably decide to quit your job When

– You have already saved for a year expenses and

– You are earning 50% of your monthly income by blogging.

This is the best calculated risk you can take in blogging career.

When you quit your job in this scenarios, You have following advantage –

– Now you can give 100% of your time to blogging, content generation, forum posting, social media marketing, e mail marketing  and research.

– There are full chances that within few months you would be able to supplement your annual income from earnings from blogging.

– You would not be at full risk for a year or two. As you have already saved for a year’s expenses and current earning would additionally help for for more then a year .

3. You have more then 100 email subscribers– Only earning and saving from blogging is not enough. One of the critical thing to examine your blogging skills is to check how many email subscriber you have.

Email list is critical  because it gives two important indicators relating to your blogging skills.

– the bigger list shows that your blogs are widely accepted ( Thus it is likely that it is going to be read in future as well).

-The smaller list shows that either you have not taken “Building email subscriber seriously” and have not worked to increase the email subscriber base. or your blogs writing  needs improvement.

In either scenarios you should first work upon in increasing the email subscriber list. The number of email subscribers may increase and decrease depending upon then blogging niche.

4. When you have tested yourself for blogging life– To test yourself, take leave for 10 -15 days and live a bloggers life. Yes it is critical. The grass is always green on other side.

The bloggers life is not so easy. The successfully bloggrrs are highly bussy. It is hard life that involves public exposures, interaction in mail, social media and comments. They are very attentive.

Apart from above they invest a lot of time in reading, researching and writing.

The daily  schedule  may vary for one to another blogger,  but lot of them work on night and sleep in daylight.

Live as if you have a successful blogging career. Work for at least 12 hour in these leave period . Be very busy. live that life yourself.

Then evaluate whether you are really ready to quit your full time job to make career in blogging.Don’t forget the regards may be much more then full time job.

5. Check survival skills– Have you ever survived cyber attack, server breakdown or website down time. If not then read a lot about the experience of others.

There are lot of security tips you would be learning.  Invest a little in protecting your online assets like your website and email subscriber list.

This will help you to survive online contingencies.

Share your thoughts.
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