Kinsta WordPress Cloud Hosting Review – Real Business Case Studies

We recently reviewed some of the top managed wordpress cloud hosting providers in brief which is basically a comparison of different cloud hosting services. In this blog, We would review Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting in detail.

Kinsta WordPress Cloud Hosting Review real Business Case Studies

Kinsta WordPress Cloud Hosting Review

The review of kinsta would be based on following parameters-

  • About Kinsta as a hosting company
  • General features
  • Advanced features
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Data center locations
  • Business case studies and clients reviews

About Kinsta as a hosting provider-

Kinsta is relatively new. It was established in 2013. The best part is, Kinsta was formed by passionate individuals to provide world class WordPress hosting solutions. So far, they are the india cytotec only hosting providers specialised in WordPress Hosting. On this short span of time, they have offices in various part of globe such as Los Angeles, London, Budapest and increasing.

What is very interesting to see is the type of client they are serving. They some some well know name such as Workforce, RICOH & GE.

Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting features –

check these guys out Kinsta hosting platform- The best part of kinta hosting is that it is powered by Google Cloud Platform ( GCP ). Kinsta usase Google cloud service for its wordpress hosting solution. That means, any kinsta user is actually using Google’s cloud services but is much simple manner. There is no doubt that Google’s cloud is one of the most reliable, secure and consistent server. The only challenge is, a commoner will find Google’s services quite difficult to use.

Kinsta simplifies Google cloud services. The experts professional of kinsta have designed easy-to-use “Mykinsta” dashboard that can be used after purchasing any hosting package from Kinsta.

Free SSL certificate – This a advantage of kinsta hosting services. You buy any package from then and get free SSL certificate. So that you don’t need to separately look for SSL certificate. Even the renewal price of kinsta would include SSL certificate.

Import your own SSL certificate – Those who have already purchased SSL certificate can import SSL certificate to enable HTTPS on your website. It is another unique service from Kinsta hosting.

Staging area – This is a good feature for business. A business application and solution requires a lot of Development, testing & tuning before final launch. Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting will provide staging area while you do all these things.

Free Migration without downtime- Don’t worry if you already have a wordpress website in other server. Except for the basic plan all other  Kinta packages have one free website migration services. One you buy a package then you can ask the kinsta team to help you migrate your existing website with other hosting service provider to kinsta. Barring some technical glitches, most of the migration happens with without downtime.

Click here to know all other features of kinsta wordpress hosting in details.

Advance features of kinsta-

Kinsta cloud hosting is optimized for WordPress websites. Kinsta has specialised support for ecommerce website as well. some more specific information about the infrastructure, developer features, feature updates, and more have been categorically mentioned in Kinsta website in details which also include informations on-

  • Optimized WordPress stack
  • Server-level caching
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Performance and uptime monitoring
  • WP-CLI, SSH, and Git support
  • PHP workers

Click here to read advanced features of Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting

Kinst WordPress cloud hosting plans & pricing –

Kinsta has three type of plans with different prices. Few services such as free migrations are only offered with higher plans. The main feature of pricing is that you can pay monthly or annually.


Starter plan – The basic inclusion of starter plan ($30 per month or $300 annually ) is –

  • 1 WordPress install
  • 20,000 visits
  • 3 GB disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • Pay monthly– The starter plan is prices ar $30 per month.
  • Pay yearly – Pay for 10 months and get  two month free ( savings of two months cost). For enterprises and business it is recommended to buy annual plan for more saving.

click here to know all about starter plan.

Kinsta Pro– $60 per month or $600 annually

Kinsta Business 1 prices at $100 per month or $1000 annually.

Data centers & location

As mentioned earlier, Kinsta usage Google Cloud platform for its WordPress hosting. That means you get choice of all data centers operated by Google. Google, being one of the biggest player in cloud hosting space, has huge number of data centers across location in word. So, If you go for kinsta wordpress cloud hosting, you have 14 data center to choose at different locations

  • Frankfurt In Germany
  • Iowa in United states Central
  • London in United kingdom
  • Montréal in America Northeast 1
  • Mumbai in India
  • Netherlands in Europe West 4
  • Northern Virginia in United States East 4
  • Oregon in United States West
  • São Paulo in Brazil
  • Singapore
  • South Carolina United states East 1
  • Syndney in Australia
  • Taiwan
  • Tokyo in Japan

Business case studies and clients reviews

It is a fact that Cloud hosting plans are bit costliest than general shared hosting plans. Having said that this price comes with an advantage that shared hosting cannot offer. This is high speed for high traffic scenario. Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting customers have reported upto 700% reduction in page load time after using Kinsta WordPress hosting

1.Why WP Buffs Partnered Up with Kinsta

Experience of WP Bluffs

2. Superlukas reported 80% reduction is page load time with kinsta. In this business case study  Super lukas have mentioned that they got Google cloud hosting at 70% lower cost.

3. Gadget Flow who have over 25 million visitors have claimed 20% faster page load speed. Read How Kinsta have helped to scale Gadget Flow and serve 25 million visitors

Gadget Flow after using Kinsta


4. UK Startup Jobs used kinsta  cloud hosting customers have reported upto 700% reduction in page load time after using Kinsta WordPress hosting, here what they said –

700% reduction in page load time after using Kinsta- UK Startup Jobs

5. Portal to dog -Another significant case study is of “Portal to dog”. This website have over 8,000,000 page view a month bad have reported 44% reduction is load time after using kinsta.

Portal to Dog

There are many such cases with real feedback about kinsta cloud hosting, Click here to read what all above client have to say about kinsta cloud hosting. Read it in detail to lean how kinsta have helped to increase their website’s performance and thus grow business. Few examples are-


The Conclusion –

The customers, end uses have already given the verdict. There is a definite increase in website performance after shifting to Kinsta WordPress cloud hosting. Kinsta is made for high traffic website. If you want to  reduce website load time, reduce bounce rate and ultimately increase the user experiance.

I would only add one thing. Kinsta is not for small bloggers and basic websites. Kinsta is for websites expecting high traffic. Kinsta is for those who want high performance from website. ecommerce websites, Celeb gossip blogs, news websites are such examples.


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