How To Make A Blog in 2019 That Generates Parallel Income

If you are looking to make some extra money to supplement your income then you are at right place. It is absolutely possible to buy inderal canada make a blog that generates parallel income for you. Yes, you can make a  blog website yourself click site even if you don’t know coding. Even I don’t know the coding but I was able to make this blog website which is making money for me.

I am writing this article to share how you can also build this kind of website (even much better than this) and can make side income. A lot of people have made and still making millions blogging. Here is proof –These 7 Bloggers are Making More Money Than Your Salary from blogs

Is making money from blog is so quick?

No absolutely not, It took me a lot of time to build a website initially. It took me months honestly. But all that learning and experience would be put together here to help you to build a money making blog. So that you don’t waste your time and focus on right thing.

Step-to-Step Guide To Make a Blog that generates a parallel income

How can you make a blog that makes money-

All you need to do is read this article carefully. If you follow these simple steps then within 20 to 30 minutes you would be able to make a blog yourself. Then Invest 5 to 6 hours  a week to fulfill you dream and make your life easy. Yes It can be done even if you are already working somewhere has have lack of time. Take help from article 13 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger With Full Time Job

Can’t wait to learn, Here we go.

In order to help you in better manner, We will split the entire article in two parts,

First part will guide to make a blog (End to end process).

Second part would share all money making tips. It will be a collection of other article that talks about money making from blog.

Step-to-Step Guide To Make A Blog

Step 1 Sign up with Bluehost to create a web hosting account.

You need a server that will host (save) your website and serve you visitors when ever your website name is typed in browser. There are more than 100 companies providing web hosting but we recommend you to opt Bluehost for many reasons. It is best  amongst all service providers. BlueHost has World-Class Web Hosting platform, It is a benchmark for others. Bluehost is also most trusted web hosting company as it has more than 2 million website worldwide.

Some good words for Bluehost on social media-

Customer voice on Twitter and facebook about Bluehost

Customer voice on Twitter and facebook about Bluehost

Bluehost has  a special offer customised and beneficial  for newcomers as well-

  • free domain
  • free site builders
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • 24/7 support
  • 30 day money back guarantee ( Domain name cost is retained )
  • The web hosting plans  that generally starts  at & 7.99 is offered at $3.95/month  ( 50% discount)
    Click here to get your exclusive discount 

Tips to choose right  plan -Once you click on the above link, there will be three plans made for different usage.  We recommend to choose the basic plan if you fall under the following category –

  • If you are a beginner,
  • A small business owner
  • A startup
  • A hobby blogger

Because initially the traffic would be comparatively less in your website. It takes some time to build traffic. The basic plan is enough to handle upto 20000 visitors a month.

blue host

Remember, You will always have choice to upgrade at any point of time.

Step 2 Choose a domain

The following screen will appear once you click in selected option. If you already have a domain, then you can type in that domain and move on to next step.

If you don’t have a domain then it is your opportunity to book domain of your choice. Domain name selection can be at time tricky but I will guide you in this as well.

Your own name is best domain name ( It will give name and fame. In addition it will create a good brand of your own as well. At times you may not find domain in your name then be creative and try something that you like. Say “”, “ or anything.

A business owner must choose a domain in his company name., etc. In case you have a brand of you company the the domain may be in your brand name like

Always prefer .com domain over regional specific domain like .in .uk etc. The location specific domains lacks global exposure.

For a blog website that is build to make money it is important to have a global reach. Find a domain with .com extension.

Find your domain right now –

Even if you are not sure about your domain now & can’t decide on a domain name, Don’t worry you will have option to Choose  domain later on.  Sign up now and proceed with your blog creation.

You will have to fill in your personal billing details and confirm the package.

Caution Note – Bi default, some other services would be ticked marked but I would recommend to unclick most of them except for domain privacy protection.

Domain privacy protection comes for a cheap price & hides your contact information from public in internet.  Which I think is a good idea.

Now this step is complete. You have created a account in Bluehost.

Now. In order to build you blog you need to Install WordPress  and then you are ready to publish your website. The following blogs will further help you to learn each and every steps. Bookmark this page and complete each steps one by one so that you have complete understanding of blog building exercise.

After completing all above you will have a fair idea about how a WordPress blog website is made.

We strongly recommend to write few blogs in first months.  The more you write the better you would at blogging. I have written some of my best blogs while I was waiting or travelling. You can my my learnings on How To Find Time To Write A Blog To Make Money Online

How to make money from a blog

Remember, The objective of this blog is help you make money through blogs.

Every website can make money. It just needs some or more traffic. There are many ways to get traffic and you would learn then time to time.  After all is with you.

As far as money making is concerned, There are n number of ways to make money from website or a blog. This website has already covered many money making technique and still we are writing more and more about it.

Few popular ways to make money from blogs are-

Google adsense- 7 Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval Easily & Quickly [My Experience] 

Affiliate marketing is another way for matured and experience bloggers.

We have dedicated many article & few of the best read blogs are-

Hope this blog would help you to learn how to make a blog that makes money.

The conclusion-

Do not waste your time on too much of social media engagement,  Do not waste time on gossips. Do not waste your time to watch each and every movie.

One of the best & most successful female blogger who is earling in six digits (In dollars) have written that she used to finish her lunch in 5 minutes and she used to write blogs in remaining 55 minutes of lunch time. It was when she was employed like you. Now she earns enough and roam around the world in most of her days.

Challenge yourself to do something extra, something that others are not doing, and be ready to work a little harder to achieve something that most of others are not thinking of.

I will finish this article with a quote from Robin sharma which is highly relevant to bloggers community-

If you ready to make some Parallel Income income and change your life a little then click here to start your journey today.

Share our article with others, It may change other’s life as well.

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