How To Make A Business Blog Successful & Connect With More Readers

Every blog writer can make a business blog successful if he is passionate about it. There are many purpose of making a business blog. Based on the objective, a blogger or business owner define measure of a success.

How To Make A Business Blog Successful & Connect With More Readers

A definition of success for a business blog may be –
  • A blog  that makes money, A lot of money
  • A blog that genuinely help a reader in need without getting anything in return.
  • A business blog of a small company that generate leads for business development
  • A business blog that engage the customers and increase relationship
  • A business blog that educated the customers about the products, services and process so that a company can reduce cost of servicing.
What ever a business blog may be & whatever the objective is, it becomes a successful blogs if

– it’s gets good traffic, referrals & social sharing, A direct indication of usefulness of the blog
– it’s customer or readers get more than what they might have wanted, A lot of comments is a sign of it.

How to Make A Business Blog Successful

I don’t really know.

And there cannot be fixed, known and fixed formula to make a business blog successful. It should be mixture of few things or activities that wins a visitor’s heart and make positive opinion about your website.

Here are the few things that surely contribute towards success of a business blog –

1. Write websites what you know not what you think. Most of the successful blog post are written post experience.

from this source Business blogs are not fantasy novels.

2. Support the chloroquine tablet dosage opinions with proven facts. The facts should be from an authenticated sources. It will create your credibility amongst readers.

3. Give credit to source of information by links or mention. Their hard word should not be your easy fish. Respect the community.

4. Write in a language that your audience understands and catch easily.

A business blog post should not be a editorial page of newspaper that require a dictionary to understand.

5. Be true to yourself – Answer one question even before you write a blog post.


  • Is there really a need to write about the topic? or if it has been written before then can you really take to next level.
  • Will a reader get more than what he might have taken from other related blog?
6. Write a blog post for a real need. There should a actually problem solving or opinion forming through your blogging.

A satisfied and impressed reader is first measure of a successful blog post.

7. Share some good work via links. A good work on related topics may be from your website or may be from other’s website.  Think of more about reader then yourself.

8. Write to help others genuinely – Write negative things as well that may harm readers if not known.
Like- Disadvantages, Con’s, Shortcomings, Precautions, “What is not included” ( specially when you write a review ).

9. Read few comments in the related blogs and social media posting, take a genuine idea of what sort of problem readers are actually facing.

10. Talk about the benefit and loss together. You business blog will win trust of the readers. Trust of the readers brings you more sharing and referrals.

11. Be realistic – setting wrong expectation may win a reader’s heart for now but once he realises that whatever you have written was not completely true he is not going to come back.

Realistic blog writing is credible blog writing.

12. Be active on responding to comments in blog post, emails & Social Media., Interaction is a essential part part developing a long lasting relationship with audience. Business blogs runs on long lasting relationship with readers developed through frequent conversation.

13. Write every blog with passion – Do not write for the sake of writing it.

Sometime we are so involved in writing that we miss what happens around us. Believe me, those would be some if the best blog you have written.

14. Don’t be a sales guy who only want to sell and get away.  Be a consultant who would be there in any situation. It generates more sales, referral, positive word of mouth & social sharing.

15. Accepts mistakes and rectify them – Share what mistakes you have done in past and how you overcame it. It increases the reader -author connects.

16. Create a brand of website rather than just increasing the content.

17. Ask for feedback – If received be kind enough to thank the sender.

There may be some other tips that can make a business blog successful.  Share your thoughts….

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