How To Make Money From Fashion Blog

First thing first, fashion items are one of the most searched things in the Internet. Fashion goods makes lot of money to all e commerce companies because wearables are always in good demand and there is good margin in fashion industry. Frankly speaking, Fashion goods have no MRP.

If you have a fashion blog and planning to monetize it then you have already taken best first step.

Since fashion items have best industry margins, a seller earns well on all fashion goods. This is why you find most of the shops in a mall related to fashion, Apparels & wearable only.

There is a huge battle on-line as well in garments related industry.

The presence of lot many off line and on-line retailers is good opportunity  for a fashion blogger to make money.

Let’s understand how can you make money from fashion blog-

1. Amazon affiliate program-
This should be your first target. Amazon is the largest on-line retailer worldwide. There is no doubt that it is the biggest on-line brand. People trust amazon for dependable services and return policies. Amazon has widest range of fashion items on its portal. You can become an Amazon associate by joining its affiliate program. You can simply show amazon advertisement on your blog  and earn commissions on sales.
make money from fashion blog amazon affiliate program
 Amazon offers  best referral commission on sales in fashion and garment category. Depending upon your country it may vary, but category wise referral commission on fashion items are best in amazon.

Roughly, you may get up to 12% of sales made on your referrals. Just be clear,  More referral , more buying, more commission.

All you need to  apply and get approval from Amazon. Once approved you would get a link. You can put the referral links in your blogs strategically.

2. Drop-shipping –

It may not be as easy as Amazon affiliate program but it offers relatively good earnings. All you need to do is to find few sellers who are willing to send goods to your referral’s address and are willing to take payment after delivery. There are many many sellers who are mainly into this service.

They sell for x, you can put a price tag of X+Y,( Y is your commission). Typical sales cycle of the Drop-shipping model works like this-

  • Showcase products in your blog’s side panel or somewhere else.
  • Collect order from customer ( Get address, email etc)
  • Take payment from customer,
  • Pass order it to seller ( do not pass the payment till this stage)
  • Seller ships the product to customer and
  • You transfer amount to seller after delivery confirmation.
You will have to put some extra affects in managing order and payments. But commissions are good in this option.

3. Banner sales-

You can rent space of your website for third party banners. Header or side panel are most popular space to be rent for.  Try this if you have heavy number of visitors. You can directly approach players in your industry and negotiate the rates. Or you can get with some mediator ( Space selling) agents.

I don’t want to discourage but big companies would hardly be interested. But small retailers and new retailers would be a good option.

How to find companies that would be interested in banners in your website-

  • You can directly approach them by sending emails ( It is a time taking job)
  • You can put an add yourself in header saying “Space available for rent” or “Contact us for this space”.
  • There are few ad networks who act as a mediators between interested parties and website owners. You can approach them.
4. Google AdSense-

Adsense would anyway be a good option. If you are a starter then making money from adsense is a good opportunity. Though is it relatively easy to get affiliated to Google adsense but it gives you very less returns in comparison to other money making sources.

 5. Sell yourself – You can invest some money and stock the good yourself. All you need to do is pick some selective items, invest in small quantities and test it. A fashion blogger should also be careful of seasonality while picking the stock. Then you can configure a woo commerce plug-in and start selling from your own blog.  In other words your own fashion bogging website becomes a mini on-line store for selected items.

For me this is the best way to make money for a fashion blog.

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