How to Make WordPress Blog Post SEO Friendly Yoast Plugin

It is a no hidden fact that search engine traffic or organic search drives more traffic then any other source to a website. in most cases almost 80% of traffic comes from organic search. So driving traffics from search engines mainly depends on the bloggers ability to optimize the blog or website for search engine. In this article you are going to learn “ why not try these out How to make WordPress blog post SEO friendly” using one of the popular and best without a doubt WordPress SEO plug in Yoast .

Step 1 Install Yoast SEO plug in and activate it and do the basic settings.

Step 2 Write a new log post or open any existing blog post to optimize it for SEO. You would be able to see then following screen. Remember the target is to get green signal form Yoast  SEO plug in.

Make WordPress Blog Post SEO Friendly

Step 3 Type in the focus keyword or key phrase. I am sure that before writing you must have chosen the Keyword or key phrase that drives more traffic. If not then following blog post will guide you.

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For me this is the basic home work that should be done before writing a blog post.

Step 4 Make sure that the focus keyword is present at -Title , Meta description, slug , heading, first paragraph and the alt text of the image inserted in the WordPress blog post.

Step 5 Write at least 300 or more words , I recommend to write more then 500 words.

Step 6 Put at least one or more links of your other relative blog or any external prominent sites links in your blog to make WordPress blog post SEO friendly.

I am sure you get a green signal. Most of the time it works . If not then follow the below step.

Step 7 Check the signal if it is not in green then read the instructions as shown in below screen shot and improvise it.

When you get a green signal like below screen then publish the blog post.

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