Top 10 Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Advantage with CLOUDWAYS

Cloud is becoming a  better way to host a WordPress site. Futuristic technology, Faster Speed, Flexibility and Low cost is one of the main factors behind quickly adaption of cloud hosting.  CLOUDWAYS is one of best & low cost cloud hosting provider and in this article we will give list top most reasons to choose Cloudways for  Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting.

Top Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Advantage with CLOUDWAYS

Why should you choose Cloudways for Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

  1. World class cloud servers at one roof – Cloudways bring highest rated hosting infrastructure providers under one account. Cloud has partnered with best Public Cloud provider like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, VULTR & Kyup for Cloud hosting services.

    Cloud Hosting infrastructure partner

        Cloudways Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Partners

  2. Largest Number of Data Centers – Location of the server is important factor for any website or web application & is the biggest differentiator. Cloudways can offer upto 27 data center option from one roof. As far as number oF data centers is concern, There is no other single cloud service provider that can be compared with cloudways.  From north america to latin america, European subcontinent to south pacific region, cloudways has a data center for you.

    list of data centers cloudways cloud hosting

                           List of data centers – cloudways cloud hosting

  3. Wide range of Application Supported – It should be no surprise. Cloudways can support almost every popular platform to build your website or run a application. One of the widely used platform like WordPress can easily integrated. If you have a running wordpress website, then the same could be  migrated with cloudways wordpress migration plugin. 

    Supported application by cloudways cloud hosting

               Supported application by cloudways cloud hosting

  4. Flexible Pricing – There are no prefixed plans of price. The server configuration can be customised for every business requirement. The pricing will be changed accordingly. A basic Managed wordpress hosting with DreamOceam from cloudways starts with as low as $7 per month. Check pricing 
  5. Option for everyone–  Since cloudways offer flexible pricing, it suits everyone. If you are a blogger, Small Business owner or a enterprise, Cloudways has option for you.
  6. Free first Website migration -What makes cloudways the best managed wordpress cloud hosting provider is because first website migration is free with cloudways.
  7. Free Trial for 3 Days– If you are new and want to experience the power of cloud computing then try 3 days free cloud hosting yourself.  What more, You can try without credit card.  Start free trial now
  8. Free SSL certification – With cloudways managed wordpress hosting you get free SSL certification so that you make your website more secure for the financial transactions. Cloudways is optimised for high speed & security.
  9. Largest number of cloud servers – Since cloudways partners with many cloud hosting provider, it has around 3128 cloud servers under one roof.
  10. 100K business app already live and running – This number is Jaw dropping. More than 100K business web & apps are already running with the help of cloud ways. Another reason to trust cloudways for your website.
  11. 24/7/365 Human Support – Cloudways chat services works best for support. They are available any time. It is not a robot that supports you. real human support is provided by chat.
  12. Strong positive customer review – Cloudways has prime customers across globe. Look what customers says about hosting and service-

    Cloudway managed wordpress cloud hosting customer feedback review

                                 Cloudways customer feedback & reviews

Know more about cloudways wordpress hosting on cloud.

The conclusion-

In a way you can create you managed wordpress website in Google or Amazon web Services with few clicking with Cloudways. The power of wordpress and speed of cloud is brought together with world class infrastructure by cloudways.

What else do you need? Share your thoughts.


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