How I Saved 300% On Managed WordPress Hosting Renewal (Without Discount)

One of my experiments resulted in saving me around 300% while managed wordpress hosting renewal.  I would like to share how I was able to bring down Rs 4000 renewal price to Rs 1300 for one of my managed wordpress hosting plan.

web My case– One of the popular website host Godaddy was quoting me a little above Rs 4000 (approximate renewal price for one year managed wordpress hosting) for one of my experimental blog.

Managed WordPress Hosting Renewal

I wanted to renew with Godaddy only as Godaddy is my preferred hosting company for many reasons.

For the good use of the readers, I have written my excellent customer service experience with Godaddy in my another blog “Why Godaddy Customer Services in best in Class“. I advise you to read it as well.

What I did to get discount- I called Godaddy representatives to offer me good discount for renewal. They clarified that they have already given me 25%  discount as the actually renewal price is a little above then Rs 6000.

Tip -Renew in advance to get more discount.

I remember getting a call from Godaddy three months in advance. They had offered upto 40% discount on managed wordpress hosting renewal. It is a good advice in case the following tip does not work for you.

I was still able to save more.

I saw Godaddy new Managed WordPress  Hosting offer at around Rs 99 per month.This offer was exclusive for new customer not for the existing customer.

I always use two email id, 2 phone number and two credit card. It worked as a saviour for me. Learn how.

After some research on internet I learned that it was easy to transfer managed wordpress hosting from One Godaddy account to another Godaddy.

I was ready to take risk, I quickly purchased a new Managed wordpress Hosting  from Godaddy at Rs 99 per month with different mail id, phone number and credit card.

Then I transferred my expiring wordpress hosting to newly purchases managed wordpress hosting. Godaddy allows to transfer one managed wordpress hosting to other managed wordpress hosting.

Note- You will have to transfer or migrate hosting yourself. Godaddy can only advise you. Before initiating the migration process you should properly take a backup of your website.

This process saved me approximate Rs 2600 as I paid Rs 1300 ( Including taxes) to get new hosting.

Precautions– You can try it provided

1. You have two email id, mobile number and credit card. If you use any of old ones then Godaddy will catch you and you won’t get new hosting offers.

2. You want to renew managed wordpress hosting only. For any other type of hosting you may have to transfer the host manually which is a tedious task with chances of failure.

3. Though this process of migration takes 5 to 30 minutes (depending upon the size of your website), It is advised not to wait till last date of renewal. Do it in much advance to be in safer side.

4. If the domain is registered with any other registrar or company then after the migration you have to change A record. and point a record of newly purchases wordpress hosting.

That means, you have to point a record of the new server by login in to control panel of your domain. ( Admin panel of the company from where the domain was purchased).

5. Typically this process has no downtime or a little over 30 minutes of downtime. So do it when you expect low level of traffic in your website.

6. This tip is not advised for larger website having large database. Because the migration may take time and could lead to failure some time.

7. By this process the complete wordpress panel would be migrated . That means your themes, plugins , settings etc would be migrated. In a nutshell there would be no change in the look and feel of the website.

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