6 Highly Motivational Quotes For Bloggers To Get Going

Those who know me personally are aware about the fact that I am an avid reader. Reading keeps me motivated and every time I read, I feel that I improved a bit. One of my hubby is to collect quotes and keep them somewhere in mobile so that I can quickly read it on the go.

I collect these quotes from books  or even if I find them in a good or bad movie. I pick them. Many of those quotes are highly relevant to blogging community. Those who want to blog for living, Who want to leave impact on other life by helping others Or  want to see change in their own life changing lives of others must be motivated to keep moving constantly.

Blogging as we know is highly rewarding and self satisfactory work or hobby.

On the other side, it also requires quick learning, discipline and some labour at initial stage. Depending upon the niche you have chosen to write blog on, it take time to give fruits and build audience. Apart from being patient, One needs to be highly motivated to be consistent.

6 Highly Motivational Quotes For Bloggers To Get Going

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The following quotes I found highly relevant to blogging and thus sharing it with my fellow community members.

 All Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so beautiful at last.

Robin Sharma

Highly Motivational Quotes For Bloggers To Get Going-Rabin sharma
It talks all about the journey of an individual after any initiative. Whatever you do, the above quote stands true  and thus make our focus more centric to our goals. It tells us that if anything that we had started is not giving proper fruits that does not mean it is the end. It has to happens in that way. At last, it will be wonderful if not left in middle.

 Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently

Shiv Khera

quotes for bloggers shive khera
This famous line by Shiv Khera is all about being smart and being different. It tells us that we may not need find entirely different things to do in order to be successful. He says that if things are done in smarter and unique way, it will lead to success..

Life is not all about how hard of a hit you can give …It is all about how hard you can take and still keep moving forward.

– Sylvester Stallone, (Rocky)

Motivational quotes
Most of you know it for all good reasons. These hard hitting lines are absolutely relevant to bloggers as well. A blogger faces lots of challenges.  like low traffic, low response, low ROI etc. Failure is no taboo in blogging. There are lots of success stories in blogging but countless number of failures are not recorded, read and published.

These line from movie rocky is all about keep going forward against whatever challenge we face.

Your excuses are just the lies your fears have sold you.

– Robin Sharma

motivational quotes

Again a highly motivational lines from Robin sharma relevant to bloggers. Sometimes we do not realize our own capability. Hence we limit yourself by giving excuses to ourselves. All the famous, rich and most successful people in the earth have not fallen in the trap of excuses. They did not listen to their limits and pushed their limits.

 Salary is the bribe they give you forget your dream

– Unknown

quotes for bloggers

This one is my personal favorite . Though salary has lots of advantages like it gives you security, constant income, Social status and you get to meet more people but at the same time you compromise. The biggest thing you compromise is yourself and your dreams. With salary life you become part of that the same cycle with others.

Blogging has capacity to break free from this cat race and become something else.
Chase you dream.

The message in the last page in the book “The Go Getter by Peter B Kyne.”

I am not writing this message and live it to you to read this small had book. This small book has a highly motivational story with a strong message . There is hardly a day when I don’t remember this message. Please read the book, thank me later.
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