How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money

In our blog post how to get make quick money online I have explained that building a world class website for to make extra money is the best way to generate side income online. Many of bloggers have converted part time blogging into full time career and by the time it has become their main source of income.

Many many of them are earning thousands of dollar per month. These money earned online could be used to generate constant passive income. So the question arises “How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money?”.

In this blog we will try to answer it a well as some more frequently asked questions related to making extra money and earning money from home with website, like-

Does a website with more traffic makes more money?
Can I earn more with comparatively less traffic?
How many page views to make money adsense ? ( Most frequently asked question )
How many page views do you need to make money?


Before we move ahead, every one must read money making tips from the person who became the richest person on earth starting from the scratch. Warren Buffett Advice to Young People on Investment : 2 Minutes Life Changing Read.

How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money


Coming back to our main topic, There are multiple ways of making money from website. Read “How does a blogger get paid (Top 10 money making sources of a blogger)”

buy Pregabalin online usa How much money you make from website depends upon how do you make money. In other words what source you choose to generate income decides how much money do you make from website.

So Lets us first understand the different source of money making. Selling banner space, Showing contextual ads ( as earning on click basis), Promoting third party products and earning commissions on  sales( Affiliate Marketing ) are one of the popular ways to earning money online. My blog How To Make Money Off Your Blog (Tried & Tested Tips) will give you the fair idea on some basic and popular ways to monetise your website.

uk Seroquel generic Website Traffic to Monetization Ratio :-

You need traffic to make money regardless of the ways you adopt to make money. But Website Traffic to Monetization Ratio (Money Generated) will vary.

In case of contextual ads display ( Adsense being a popular one ) the money will directly depend on more traffic. The blog  Guide to Earn $1 to $1000 From Google AdSense (Salesman Thinking) will help you understand the dynamics of money making from adsense. In Short, If a click cost a advisers a dollar and adsense pays you 36% of it then you make 36 cents on every click.

In case you choose a blog niche where the click cost is high for advertisers you get more money out of per click. The hot tip is ” Choose a blog niche that has higher cost per click”. Read How to Find Profitable Blog Niche to Make Money.

In case of affiliate marketing, You make money if you are able to  get targeted traffic (Much less traffic in comparison to general traffic for contextual ads) through quality reviews and feedback writing.

In this case even if there is less traffic you may get good commissions on sales referred from your website. Let’s assume that you write about a product with price $100 and general referral commision is 30 to 40%. Means every sales gives you $30 to $40.  Much more than cost per click system of making money.

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